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Who Might be the Real Villain of WandaVision?


WandaVision Updates: Is Scarlet Witch the main WandaVision villain, or can there be a big bad secret hidden in the past, like Mephisto, Nightmare, or even Pietro?

While WandaVision has been cautious to determine so far that Westview is in charge of Scarlet Witch, the problem of who is the main villain of the show continues to press very urgently.

In addition to the explanations of who might be the big cameo of WandaVision behind the Quicksilver of Evan Peters – even if it is the true big bad – there is a large amount of evidence indicating that there is another presence influencing items beyond the control of Wanda. The most convincing concept is that Mephisto may be a secret character.

At the end of WandaVision episode 5, the introduction of Peters as the X-Men film adaption of Quicksilver was a tremendously surprising moment, particularly because of the potential repercussions of the MCU multiverse.

While the X-Men movies were not confirmed as a canon of the MCU, there was a clarification in the audio summary of the show that this Pietro is the one from the Fox universe.

How he came to Westview is the big mystery, but as more of the show progresses, it could also turn out to be really interesting to wonder who he is and who he is working with.

WandaVision Main Villian


What is obvious is that Wanda is not in charge of Quicksilver. She is surprised when he rings the doorbell at her and Vision’s house and claims that it has nothing to do with her.

She is surprised by the presence of Pietro, but she welcomes him, obviously remembering him after not seeing him, which means that there is already a bond between the two.

Relevantly, it also implies that whatever magic has taken Pietro to Westview also includes duping Wanda instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson into adopting Peters’ character in the film as her brother.

This apparently makes Wanda a victim of certain supernatural deception and not only the administrator of the altered reality of Westview, which in turn means that another aspect is present in this dynamic.

For now, it continues to be seen if it is truly the multiverse Quicksilver, Mephisto, Nightmare or another massively powerful MCU supernatural villain.

What might make sense that Quicksilver actually appearing as a malevolent force would be that, in the expectation of reaping Wanda’s soul, someone else, like Mephisto, is manipulating the scenario.

And if there is to be another big appearance in WandaVision, the billing will certainly suit an actor with ample standing to play the MCU’s take on the demon.

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