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Raya & The Last Dragon Super Bowl Trailer Reveals Disney’s Fantasy World

Raya & The Last Dragon

Raya & The Last Dragon  Updates: In a new trailer during Super Bowl LV, Disney gives a fresh peek at their upcoming animated fantasy epic Raya and the Last Dragon.

A new Raya & the Last Dragon trailer for the upcoming film by Walt Disney Animation Studios has been released, showcasing the rich fantasy universe of the film.

The movie was directed by Qui Nguyen Adele Lim, with both Raya and the Last Dragon starring Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina. Raya & the Last Dragon is scheduled to debut in theaters and on Disney+ on March 5, where a $29.99 Premier Subscription fee will be available for streaming.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 59th movie is Raya & the Last Dragon. The plot follows Raya, a warrior in Kumandra’s magical fantasy universe.

Raya goes on a quest to locate the last living dragon to rescue her people as ancient creatures from Kumandra’s history return to wreak havoc on the world. The movie features Asian-American actors, including Sandra Oh, Gemma Chan, Benedict Wong, and Daniel Dae Kim, with a stellar voice cast.

Raya & The Last Dragon Super Bowl

Raya & The Last Dragon

Debuted during Super Bowl LV, Disney’s latest trailer features Raya and her stalwart animal friend Tuk Tuk (a giant pillbug/armadillo hybrid voiced by Alan Tudyk) embarking on their epic journey to rescue Kumandra from evil powers.

Disney’s animation is as stunning as ever, and in March, the teaser shows off the wonderfully detailed universe audiences will look forward to experiencing. In the mythical lands of Kumandra, there’s plenty of family-friendly action, adventure, and more glimpses. Take a glance below.

The latest trailer further points at the divided state of Kumandra. What has been published so far has pointed to the fact that the planet was powerful and unified centuries ago, but that, in the wake of the dragons’ extinction, various regions and tribes have grown apart.

Not only would Raya’s quest be to help the Dragon fight the dark Druun (the returning monsters), yet to restore balance and healing to the world’s various nations.

It shouldn’t be shocking that the show has drawn parallels between The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The inspiration of Kumandra in various East Asian mythology and mythologies, the quest to reconcile a fractured world, and even Raya’s style of art all share some common ground with Avatar’s world.

With so many Disney Animation Studios and Pixar classics being adapted for Disney+’s original series, based on the success of the movie, Raya might also get a performance of her own down the road. On March 5, in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Entry, Raya & the Last Dragon premieres.

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