Cole Sprouse Reveals He Was Teased By The ‘FRIENDS’ Cast For Having A Crush On Jennifer

Cole Sprouse: In the sitcom ‘FRIENDS’, Cole Sprouse acted the part of Ben Geller. He stated that he was mocked by co-actor Jennifer Aniston on the sets for having a crush on her.

In Netflix’s Riverdale, Hollywood star Cole Sprouse is actually shown as Jughead Jones. In the Warner Bros tv program FRIENDS, he played Ross’ son Ben when he was just a little boy.

Cole admitted in a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Program that the cast members of the show mocked him for having a big crush on Jennifer Aniston when he was young.

Since 2001, Cole has starred as the son of Ross Geller in the iconic sitcom FRIENDS. Ben was Ross and Carol’s son, who became a lesbian and divorced Ross. Cole was seen hanging out with Jennifer Aniston during the show to get to know her Aunt Rachel character well.

Cole Sprouse reported in a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that he didn’t often love FRIENDS sets. He pleaded with Jennifer at the age of 8 to keep it serious, considering he had a big crush on the actress.

What Cole Sprouse has to say?

He said that he had known how to preserve his calm in the face of co-star crushes back then. He also disclosed that during his pre-teen years, he was so proud of Jennifer that he was even mocked on the set for it. He said that he used to stammer next to an actor as a kid and forget his lines.

While he shared that he did so often to get her attention, he is not afraid of the same thing. He continued that the entire world had a crush on her and that it was sufficient for him to act in such a manner. Cole said he’d been mocked right in front of Jennifer by the cast of FRIENDS.

It came to light that Cole is going to have a reunion with the cast of FRIENDS. It is also heard that in this reunion Cole is going to relive his crush on actress Jennifer Aniston.

In the later parts of the year, the audience is going to witness the lovely reunion and Cole’s confession. According to a tweet from Lisa Kudrow’s official Twitter handle we get to know that the reunion is definitely going to happen as she shot some scenes of it.

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