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Riverdale Season 5 Cole Sprouse: 5 Marvel Characters The Riverdale Star Would Be Perfect To Play

Riverdale Season 5

The Riverdale Season 5 Updates: In an epic story of good vs. bad, the first thing that most ordinary viewers imagine when imagining the subject is costumed vigilantes, and the last one is, obviously, a melodramatic teen soap opera.

With all due respect to Riverdale, all I am suggesting is that he would have to put on a costume for the 28-year-old former Disney Channel actor to truly gain the prestige of a comic book movie star.

His brother, Dylan Sprouse, has already been involved in joining the MCU, so why not give a shot to Jughead while we’re at it?

In fact, I actually have an idea that if one of my next 5 casting ideas becomes a possibility, the twins might share a beautiful onscreen reunion.

Riverdale Season 5 Star Cole Sprouse

The Beyonder

Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale’s main cast recently imagined what iconic comic book part one might be the perfect choice to play. We could see Lili Reinhart as the Invisible Lady and K.J. Apa as the Elongated Man of the Fantastic Four, but for Cole Sprouse, The Beyonder was the first character to come to mind.

We can feel that this nearly unbeatable being will be the ideal successor to the position of the next “bad guy” of the MCU after Thanos for a while now.


Riverdale Season 5

There is a decent deal of characters from Marvel that are, in essence, just as strong and dynamic. Just look at what Dan Stevens asked to play the title character in Legion, an outstanding FX series in the X-Men movie canon.

To learn that he is mentally ill, he had to put himself in the mentality of a man horrified, only to later find his visions are simply the very true effects of his mutant powers.

Human Torch

The Riverdale Season 5

Having suggested Lili Reinhart as an ideal choice for Invisible Lady, we can appreciate that proposing her onscreen considerable other in Riverdale as her brother sounds just a little odd.

Well, leaving aside the fact that this may not even be the first time that the MCU did precisely that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were married in Godzilla in 2014, and a year later they were twin siblings in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


The Riverdale Season 5

Two twin sons named Billy and Tommy are magically developed by Wanda Maximoff. They reincarnated later with Billy creating similar powers to his mom, and Tommy with powers such as his uncle, Quicksilver, and each inventing the corresponding superhero aliases Wiccan and Speed.

Space Turnip

The Riverdale Season 5

Talking of the Sprouse Brothers, they became one of Hollywood’s most beloved twins before performing the title characters in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, acting in the same role on the sitcom Grace Under Fire. Soon they are invited to the big screen.

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