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WandaVision Has A Major Cameo Elizabeth Olsen Can’t Believe Hasn’t Leaked


WandaVision Updates: In an upcoming episode that Elizabeth Olsen can’t believe hasn’t already leaked online, WandaVision has a surprising secret MCU cameo.

WandaVision has a big underground cameo that she can’t believe Elizabeth Olsen hasn’t leaked. The MCU’s Phase 4 has finally arrived after COVID-related delays, and WandaVision is its first product.

In the middle of January, the Disney+ series debuted and quickly plunged viewers into Westview’s picture-perfect sitcom universe. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Perception (Paul Bettany), a newly married couple, have recently attained marital happiness, but not all is as it seems.

Outside Westview, SWORD, the MCU’s newest security agency, is hard at work trying to find out what’s going on with Wanda.

So far, WandaVision has dropped four episodes and five more on the way, and from here it’s just going to get wilder. What’s coming next on WandaVision is so little understood that viewers are bracing themselves for some big surprises, and that may be for a good cause.

The last big Disney+ series to debut a new season, The Mandalorian, finished its sophomore run with Luke Skywalker’s jaw-dropping arrival, after all (Mark Hamill). This moment soon went down in the history of fandom and was kept a secret before airing somehow.

WandaVision Major Cameo


Although there are two very separate characters, The Mandalorian and WandaVision, they may have something in common: surprising cameos. “Yes.”Yes.”I’m really excited.”I’m really excited.

The WandaVision cameo teased by Olsen will most likely be the same as the mystery actor Bettany has referenced many times in interviews. Bettany has the ability to collaborate on WandaVision with someone he’s long liked, but their name remains a mystery. Provided they are the same, it sounds like a familiar MCU actor might be the mystery performer of WandaVision. This is where the speculation began.

Fans have always theorized, as in any Marvel project, on which characters could feature in multiple projects, and WandaVision is no exception.

There could be a few possibilities on who it might be, bearing in mind that Bettany has not yet interacted with this performer and that their arrival will have to be at the same stage as Luke being on The Mandalorian.

Doctor Strange by Benedict Cumberbatch is a common option as the show in the Multiverse of Madness is said to lead to Doctor Strange. Perhaps Nick Fury of Samuel L. Jackson, who claimed to be working for SWORD when he was last seen by viewers, may be eligible for WandaVision’s shocking cameo. There are a lot of options, and fans are going to have to wait to see who they could be.

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