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WandaVision: Darcy’s Choice Of Potato Chips Shows She’s Matured, Says Actress


WandaVision Updates: Kat Dennings opens up her thoughts on the eating habits of Darcy Lewis. According to Kat Dennings, Darcy Lewis’ choice of potato chips, in the Hotstar Disney+ series, the WandaVision is the estimation of her maturity.

Denning’s lab assistant who turned to the doctor has come again to the Marvel Cinema Universe through the medium of WandaVision after Thor: The Dark World in 2013.

Though, in the past, Darcy dedicated to only Thor movies as a supporting character, which was unlikely for her to return with more projects in the MCU world. With the fact on one in the MCU is ever truly gone, she is also back with MCU’s first-ever scripted show. Though.

Dennings has appeared on WandaVision’s screens only on the 4th episode this was enough to make an impact among the audience.

In WandaVision, the audience can see Darcy be recruited by SWORD in order to investigate the strange things which are carried in Westview. This is the place where Scarlet Witch and Vision are staying. The episode made progress on Darcy’s Character growth also, her relation with Jimmy Woo, FBI agent.

WandaVision: Darcy’s Choice Of Potato Chips


This episode is enough for her to change from Thor: The Dark World, this change was even seen in the things which she ate. In her with Just For Variety, she discussed the importance of Darcy’s choice of food, which includes Ramen and potato chips. Marvel puts some questions regarding this, for which she answers the following.

The show wants to keep the essence of Darcy. And to talk about the character, she is still that teen from the college at her heart, who loves to eats trash ramen from 7-Eleven.

Kat also addresses the character is just like her, who loves to eat trash. With this discussion, this is again Marvel spoiling their actors, she teases. She was asked a question about the favorite chips, Darcy, well in an answer to this she said, Darcy is an adult so, maybe baked, and continues to laugh.

She expressed her thoughts on being recognized, she said she was happy that they noticed these little things, she also said she loves doing those little things.

If we think about the character, chips do play a big role in the fun engagement between Darcy and Jimmy. Dennings makes her comments on the eating habits of Darcy, as they are a good example of how Marvel pays attention to even little things.

This is a great development in the relations of the actress and the character, making her be more well-rounded character.