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Ryan Reynolds Wields Chainsaw Wielding Maniac in Trailer for his snapchat show

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds: Now that pandemic has given enough reasons to the people to stay at home, a trailer for Ryan Reynolds’ new Snapchat show Ryan Doesn’t know warns the actor is armed with a chainsaw and at large somewhere outdoors.

According to some news Reynolds is currently working on Deadpool 3 along with a variety of other movies including The Adam projects, an adaptation of the board game Clue, and a musical version of A Christmas Carol.

Recently in a new Snapchat Series, Reynolds will try his hand at various skills he has no experience with and probably no business attempting.

In National Lampoon’s Van Wilder Reynolds rose to prominence playing a charming manchild and has since found fame starring in action blockbusters like Deadpool and Green Lantern. The best quality of this Canadian actor is mostly known for his mischievous sense of humor which often sneaks into his performance.

Ryan Reynolds In Snapchat Trailer

Ryan Reynolds

Now we all also know that Reynolds has expanded his professional career which includes producer, director, and also a businessman.

Reynolds also recently has been involved in a TV commercial for his brand aviation Gin. Reynolds is particularly well versed in social media and meme humor for someone of his celebrity: he recently nailed a contribution to Bernie Sanders meme and is involved in a number of ongoing fake feuds with Hugh Jackman, Betty White, and occasionally his wife Blake Lively.

Recently in his YouTube trailer for his upcoming Snapchat show, the actor has recorded, in which it was shown that the actor is a good-natured actor maniacally wields a chainsaw as he gazes into his webcam with the eyes of a man who’s finally gone over the edge.

The series of minisodes is called Ryan Doesn’t know and features the actor and self-proclaimed “stuff learner” who has always been trying on the new tasks in which he has no experience with or business getting involved.

He also warns in the video that “The last thing you should ever give a SAG-certified actor is a chainsaw”  here we also have the video of this.

The show will premiere on January 28, and you can watch it on Snapchat. there will be new episodes every day.