Virgin River Season 3 Theories: Did Brady Shoot Jack

Virgin River Season 3 Update: Season two of the Virgin River concluded drastically for Jack Sheridan at the time he got shot and was casted away for death. All of the fans were shocked seeing the scene’s ending because it didn’t show the attacker. Although many people have their own assumptions on the offender.

Audience saw him over phone while entering through the main gate which is considered as Mel by Jack. Although, beloved characters were noticed, being in a pool full of his blood in it. In the last moment of this episode, Mel caught him in this condition succeeding the shot from a secret mugger.

Virgin River Season 3: Update

As far as this date, season 3 of this show is finalised and everyone will be curious to know about the man behind this substantial shooting. According to us, audience will think that Brady, who is Jack’s previous friend and war companion is in charge of all these things.

In the second season, Brady went further off the rails as compared to previous days leaving the bar of Jack and dropped in together with Calvin who is the drug dealer and is named as David Cubitt. Prior to the period when Jack got shot, Mike called him and told him that Brady’s digging will get him arrested soon. Although, he is having bar’s key which makes it easier for him to get in. Many of the audience is going to think that third season will be great as there are so many twist in these episodes.

When it was posted in social media site, Reddit, a username ‘ Simple solaria commented that she is having a feeling that he was shot by Brady and according to me the duplicate keys were used by Brady and after Jack’s coming out, there occurred a fight between them.

After this, gum was bought by Jack but sniggered out and after this gun was stolen by Brady and he shot Jack because he just felt like trusting Jack and decided to help him out so he they could find out that he is jail due to him. It was said by Dovelash, one of the fan that he is unknown regarding Brady deliberately hitting Jack, it can also happen that his reason for being there was to have a gun? But Jack wasn’t letting him to take it?

In social media, Fosh and chops commented that according to him Brady’s retrieval story of being bad person to crusader is more attractinh to the writers.

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