Riverdale Season 5: Renewal Update & Much More

Riverdale Season 5 Update: It’s no secret that we love Riverdale so much, a CW game series based on the old Archie Comics that we…

Published: February 2nd, 2021 1:57 am | Updated: February 2, 2021 1:57 am

Riverdale Season 5 Update: It’s no secret that we love Riverdale so much, a CW game series based on the old Archie Comics that we know and love. Reviving the famous Archie, Betty, and Veronica-loving Veronica, the series depicts some of the darkness that lies beneath the town of Riverdale that looks perfect, unchanging, or plotting boundaries (like real and deceptive death, gangs, and talking).

The fourth season has left us with a huge cliffhanger, and now that we are preparing for the fifth season (and the long-awaited promise) it makes sense to summarize where each character has left off.

As the epidemic closed out the fourth season’s production and finished it, we were left with episode 19, entitled Chapter Seventy-Six: Murder of Mr. Honey, which is as strange and suspicious as it sounds. Find out where each Riverdale characters are at the end of the fourth season.

Riverdale Season 5: Update

Season four sees Archie and Betty end up dating but cheating on their teammates who have to do so. After pretending to be lovers with the intention of making people believe Jughead is dead, they each copied the real one from Veronica and Jughead after kissing in the garage.

Riverdale Season 5

The case defeats them, and they end their future relationship. At school, Archie plays a role in drawing the attention of Mr. Honey (who holds his hip in the chair with his hand on his phone), which resulted in the cancellation of the council (oh, and Archie can’t walk when he graduates, either). At the end of the season, Archie is standing in the air and wants a fresh start, telling his mother he wants to leave Riverdale to join the navy.

Betty is on her machine at the end of the fourth season, joining boyfriend Jughead to help Charles see the surprise behind the hot, voyeuristic videocassettes. At school, after Mr. Honey pushed him to compile the entire yearbook, the principal decided not to authorize it.

Once she has canceled the prom, Betty finds out that Mr. Honey has canceled the prom at all the schools where he works, and all students take action by talking to their parents. They get their prom back. . . only to be canceled again.

As for romance, Betty is confused about her feelings for Archie after their private kiss and decides to burn the textbooks of childhood books expressing her love for Archie so that she can focus on Jughead only.

He urges Jughead to write a “monster story” and send it as his own writing sample to the University of Iowa, which eventually reflects the dark, twisted truth throughout the end of the year.

In the end, Betty and Jughead head to the room where Hermione kills Sherriff Minetta, which is the last of a mysterious video they have found. When they got there, they saw a TV with a tape ready to be played, showing the whole group stabbing Mr.