Young Rock Trailer Reveals Dwayne Johnson Is Running For President in 2032

Young Rock Update: For NBC’s upcoming sequel, a new trailer of Young Rock reveals that Dwayne Johnson is running for the United States President post in 2032.

Next month the premiere of Young Rock was set and one of Hollywood’s most, a bankable and beloved idol who details the rise to fame, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

At this time in last year, the first announcement was Young Rock and it was created by Johnson and Nahnatchka Khan who is the writer of American Dad!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the past year has been more hard for most people, and the two expected movies release from Johnson – Jungle Cruise and Red Notice had been postponed. Not in 2021, there is hope to be molding up slightly at least for Johnson’s fans.

From Johnson’s boyhood to his days’ journey is set to explore in Young Rock as one of the world’s most famous experienced wrestlers to his eventual growth as a superstar of Hollywood. With a lot of laughs in mind, it seems to be done, confirming that Johnson is never too huge to poke fun at himself from time to time.

Young Rock Trailer

Young Rock

For many years now the Internet has maintained the gossip alive that Johnson is vigorously considering a run for office. As many people want to see Johnson embody all the aspects of a leader: charm, stability and a never say die attitude, as he was one of the most beloved celebrities in the world.

As he attends the press events the Young Rock will allow Johnson along with the campaign. Many fans of Johnson was wondered because whether he was really running for president or he is just making rumors in his show.

After all jokes aside, in Young Rock should Johnson’s presidential expectations actually become a truth, it would mean that the Jumanji star of 59 would lead the country in 2032.

It’s not too old to hold any sort of political office and especially considering the reality the existing President of the United States was 78 and the last president was 74.

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