Doctor Who Season 13 and Coronation Street Stars’ New LGBTQ+ Horror Series Trailer Revealed First-Look

Doctor Who Season 13 Updates: Former Doctor Who role woman Pearl Mackie and Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon joined the soldiers to scare your mind off the trailer for the new sound series.

The duo took part in directing the soundtrack for director-songwriter Laura Kirwan-Ashman of Naomi Booth’s short story Sour Hall, designed for the 2019 sound project Hag.

The story is recorded in a 360-degree audio system in the Yorkshire area and is designed to be listened to with headphones for the best audio experience.

At Sour Hall, George (Fallon) has a desire to start a new chapter in his life as he inherits his family farm, and joins his colleague Ash (Mackie).

The couple is trying to escape the tragic past, but the new home is increasingly divisive as Ash is lonely and alone.

Doctor Who Season 13: New LGBTQ+ Horror Series

 Doctor Who Season 13

Ash is also left feeling uneasy about the brutal public response where there are same-sex couples, especially after she first heard a commotion in the milking parlor.

George has a desire to keep Ash away from the shed, making more suspicions come between the couple as Ash grabs his partner and whispers to someone. Or something?

By recording in the scene I feel like I could put myself in Ash’s position, rather than imagine it, Mackie said. When things get scary they tend to stay with me and I think this story and the way the narrative is formed will surely stay with the audience.

Fallon added: It was great to record on-site and 360 degree audio. It will sound tense and I think it really immerses the listener, because they will not only be listening to the drama but they will be able to hear it as it happens next to them. It makes the content really scary.

Sour Hall will be released on January 25 from Audible UK. You can order earlier now.

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