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Gravity Heroes Gets Release Date

Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes Updates: Gravity Heroes may be a 2D arena shooter that lets gamers handle gravity, loot accidentally dropped weapons and power-ups as they fight off hordes of robotic adversaries.

Fuelling 80’s and 90’s wistfulness with a jolting soundtrack and elaborately popping workmanship style, Gravity Heroes guarantees assorted arcade activity!

Gravity Shifter, the game’s primary specialist, permits you to avoid and shoot foes while strolling on the roof, the dividers, or basically skimming around.

The story behind Gravity Heroes is about the contention among people and Synthetics, canny and autonomous frameworks (or robots) fit for recreating and living together.

A couple of years after a harmonious agreement forestalled a staggering battle between the 2 groups, bizarre instances of revolting Synthetics take steps to reignite the friction.

Special Task:

With an unbelievable pixel art attractiveness, typical arcade-style platform based shooting combined with the creative Gravity Shifter mechanic, Gravity Heroes may be a separate union of retro titles we liked and modern indies that press the borders.

Gravity Heroes is approaching PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on next-generation platforms via backward compatibility on 22nd January 2021. A playable demo is out there on all platforms.

Gravity Heroes Key Features:

Gravity Heroes

Control your gravitational pull: Use the ‘Gravity Shifter’ as you modify the direction of your gravitational pull to steer and slide on ceilings or walls!

Find the explanation behind a robotic rebellion: Take your home as a member of the Game as you look into the puzzling reason beyond a broken peace in the middle of humans and robotic-beings known synthetics in Story mode. Play single or team with at least 3 friends as you’re taking on synthetic hordes and large bosses.

Test with everything from heat-seeking missiles to bouncing projectiles. A various process of attack is needed for an equally diverse robotic threat!

Go head-to-head with friends in versus mode: Grasp your friends, pluck your characters, customize the theories of your match and go head-to-head during the disorderly couch multiplayer game mode.

Gang up with other players in Survivor mode: invite 3 of the gamers and see how far you’ll withstand the hordes of corrupted synthetics in Survivor mode!

Gravity Heroes are going to be streaming for Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One on January 22, 2021.