Flack Trailer: Anna Paquin Is the Ultimate Spin Doctor in Dark Brit Comedy

Flack Updates: Amazon Prime Video has announced the full trailer for the upcoming U.S. debut of the British comedy-drama series Flack, which takes us behind-the-scenes on how celebrity improprieties get controlled by publicists.

Casting Anna Paquin, the series will be accessible for streaming on January 22, 2021. Check out the video soon.

Amazon Offer:

Bad way of talking. Good Publicists. Ever surprise what the true story is behind those celebrity gossip columns? Flack has all the filth.

Four quick-witted and persistent flackers led by Robyn, acted by Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin, are tasked to make the best of their celebrity client’s difficult decisions. But does their capability to tidy up their client’s lives translate to their own?

Flack also casts Rufus Jones.

Genevieve Angelson, Rebecca Benson, Lydia Wilson, Arinze Kene, Marc Warren, and Sophie Okonedo. The series is designed by Oliver Lansley.

Last Summer Cast:

Paquin received her first condemning recognition together with her acting debut film The Piano, which grossed her presentation as Flora McGrath as Oscar for Finest Supporting Actress, building her the second-youngest Oscar winner.

Her other film commendations include: Fly Away Home, Almost Famous, Tell it to the Bees, Finding Forrester, Fox’s X-Men films, A Walk on the Moon, and The Irishman.


Having watched seasons 1 and a couple of times, people are eagerly anticipating season 3 awhile next year. Viewers love this show.

Fans really like the cut and thrust, the deviousness of the characters, the whirlwind nature of the dialogue, and therefore the horrifying downward spiral of Robyn’s life.

Fans can not wait to ascertain what happens next. Congratulations to all or any of the cast and therefore the writer for a superb show. Television with grit and guts.

Viewers personally enjoyed it and showed behind the scenes a look at what happens in the industry in a comical and dramatic way. And let’s face it, it had some moments in the first 2 episodes that were fantastic.

People recommend it to those who don’t like boring, drawn-out series if you like drama and comedy to keep going.

This show people found on their Foxtel subscription. We find the PR world quite fascinating, especially once we lived in it in 2000-2002. Well, that was in OZ, London is perhaps the subsequent level up.

But it’s all there – sex, drugs, and celebrities behaving badly. which was probably an honest day. The cast is ideal. The writing, witty. Looking forward to Season 3.


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