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WandaVision Director Explains Why Weekly Release Schedule Works For The Show


WandaVision Updates: Wanda-Vision is Marvel Studio’s first original miniseries scheduled for Disney+, much like the release schedule of The Mandalorian.

Wanda-Vision releases new episodes each week on Friday, the series is depicted from a collection of some classic famous sitcoms, with each episode paying tribute to classic era cliches.

The first two episodes of the series air on January 15, and now fans are left to wait and wonder what future episodes uphold, along with answers to the big mysteries haunting Wanda and Vision and how the show takes its twist and turns.

Marvel’s miniseries Wanda-Vision directed by Emmy’s award winner Matt Shakman, also known for directing the episodes of Game of Thrones, spoke regarding his approval of the series weekly release schedule goes with the show format.

WandaVision: What The Director has to say

In an interview with ET, Shakman stated that dropping weekly episodes is how classical sitcoms used to come out before the streaming era due to which the audience wait so eagerly for the next episode.

When asked, why Shakman said that, he loves the idea of the week to week as there is something about the mystery especially for a show like Wanda-Vision where the viewers watch the episode and are forced to imagine different theories and approaches, which worked really well for shows like The Mandoralian and Game of thrones.

He also said as Wanda-Vision pays tribute to certain sitcoms, and it feels right to release the episodes weekly as those shows used to release their episodes.


Releasing episodes weekly stays longer in the mind of the viewers and they can discuss and theorize about what will happen next, which keeps them hooked.

While audiences may have been pampered by Netflix, research has shown that a weekly release helps extends the life of a series. However, Wanda-Vision has already become Rotten Tomatoes’ highest-reviewed MCU installment. The series will keep on airing the weekly episodes until March 5.

WandaVision: Here we have some exciting news for all Marvel Fans!

Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU is all set to premiere Falcon and the Winter Soldier on March 19. Falcon and the Winter Soldier will run for six episodes until the end of April, wrapping up two weeks before as Black Widow is also set to premiere in theaters on May 7, 2021, worldwide.

We hope, all MCU fans cherish this weekly release format and all planned MCU content for the first five months of the year.

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