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Lupin: Assane Smelling His Father’s Gloves Is Secretly Heartbreaking


Lupin Updates: A very heartbreaking scene was shown in Lupin part 1 that Assane Dope was seen smelling his father gloves’s, just to feel him near his heart.

Netflix has made a series on the relationship of father/son from the get-go. The Babakar, who was a Resident of West Africa(Sene Galise) was settled in Paris with his son Assane and took a job in Pellegrini’s rich family.

However, Accusations were Leveled against Babakar that he had stolen the very expensive necklace from Robert Pellegrini cupboard, which was once belonged to Marie Antoinette.

And it would be sufficient to say that he did not get a chance to explain himself against powerful Pellegrini’s, they did it purposely so that they can get insurance money for the necklace.

Lupin: Assane Smelling His Father’s Gloves

Then it was considered that Babakar had committed suicide soon after being imprisoned, The relationship he had with his son was explored through past things.

Maurice Leblanc hard work has shown Assane’s connection with his father, Maurice has created Arsene Lupin to draw inspiration from the tweak his snitch. Lupin initiated that Babakar has gifted one book to Assane.

Although the relationship of father and son was very strong it was heartbreaking when the audience saw that they both are seen rarely outside the confines. Pellegrini’s home talking to each other.

 Babakar did a lot of work in his life so that he can give a good life to his son and this was reflected when Assane’s father was more inclined to the Pellegrini’s that time, the Assane and was seen taking a survey of the pool area and ground so that he can save himself.

Lupin Part 1


And then come a day when Assane brought his father’s gloves close to his face and try to inhale them so that he could feel the fragrance of his father.

The gloves were giving him very much comfort when he was trying to prove the innocence of his father. The Act was quite destructive as Babakar’s gloves were suggesting to Assane and that his father was always close in his work.

Babakar used to work as a Chauffeur in Pellegrini’s home and that was the last thing as an inheritance for his son to make his son realized that the most innocent happened that his father was working in the house of Pellegrini who Ultimately cheated him and that was very heartbreaking for his son.

In the first five episodes of Lupin Part 1, the class division was explored as Babakar was a black man and he was accused of the benefit, as he was considered theft and was put to jail very quickly for the crime he did not act.

Again, Hubert Pellegrini was successful to send an innocent to jail, and also made Lieutenant silent and collect insurance money for the necklace. In the new show of Netflix Lupin was symbolized class division then how heartly Assane was smelling and feeling his father’s work gloves and also how time passes and they did not get family time due to work.

And due to the Humiliation face by Babakar in his 25-year job, Assane was doing this on the present-day this was an incident that proves that if Babakar had this much money as Pellegrini had then he and his son would be enjoying a lot of moment’s of their lives .and not getting entangled in the mess of a job.

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