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WandaVision: Kat Dennings Teases Leadership Role For Darcy Lewis


WandaVision Updates: WandaVision with its initial two episodes is now officially streaming on Disney+. The audience gets to see some familiar faces like that of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Paul Bettany (Vision).

Kat Dennings (Darcy Lewis) from Thor: The Dark World, 2013 is another member of the MCU whose presence on the show is confirmed.

Although Dennings has not yet been seen on the show, her recent endeavor of teasing information about her character Darcy at the event of the virtual launch of  WandaVision event gives us complete surety of her return to the series.

We quote, as Dennings stated and explained in the interview- “I guess, for Darcy, she worked under Jane Foster for a very long time and I think Darcy’s kind of learned how to be a boss from Jane”.

“And then she comes to the world of WandaVision under some unusual circumstances and… it’s hard to talk about without any spoilers! I know everyone would like them, but I won’t say.”

Even Shakman in the production notes of the series confirmed it when he said, “So, she’s a real expert in her field.”

WandaVision: What Kat Dennings Has to Say?


Kat’s presence in the show is confirmed and now we know that she will be back for WandaVision. However, her return in Thor: Love and Thunder are still uncertain.

The unfortunate response that she gave to ET last year, that according to her, Darcy would not be seen in the movie, further obscures the uncertain vision of watching her again in Thor: Love and Thunder.

This is what she told them- “No, still no idea! I don’t think I’m in it,” Dennings shared. “I feel like I would have heard by now. So literally my answer is I have no idea, I have even less an idea than I had before.”

She extended her explanation by expressing her utter unawareness about the movie’s script or even the plotlines. But then again, she left us perplexed by stating, “I don’t know.

As aforementioned, the initial two episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on Disney+. Friday is set as the day for the release of new episodes for each subsequent week.