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Young Guns 3 With Emilio Estevez Teased By Writer

Young Guns 3

Young Guns 3 Updates: John Fusco with Emilio Estevez jestingly posted a mock poster of Young Guns 3. The action drama was originally released in the year 1988.

Revolving around the semi historical genre, it particularised the rise of William H. Bonney that is none other than “Billy the kid”. He was infamous for being a kind of desperado in the late 1870s.

The screenwriter was none other than John Fusco. It was directed by Christopher Cain, and casted a troop of 1980s young Hollywood stars including Emilio Estevez (The Outsiders), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Kiefer Sutherland (The Lost Boys), and Charlie Sheen (Wall Street). Legendary film idols like Jack Palance, star of famous spaghetti westerns The Mercenary and Compañeros, and Terrence Stamp, popularized as General Zod in Superman and Superman 2 were also featured in the film. 

Young Guns 3 Teased By Writer

Young Guns was a box office hit and kicked off a sequel, Young Guns II in the year 1990. The sequel although also written by Fusco had Geoff Murphy behind the cameras.

It reunited the surviving band of “Regulators” from the first film, and added to them the talents of Christian Slater (True Romance), Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), and Balthazar Getty (Lord of the Flies).

Both the movies saw great commercial success despite receiving mixed reviews from the critics. Its influence was not just barred to the film industry but dived into the musical world too.

The solo rock album of debut of Bon Jovi’s 1990 featured songs inspired by the Young Guns sequel. Even the movie’s theme song “Blaze of Glory,” just as Warren G and Nate Dogg’s 1994 rap classic “Regulate” contained sound bites taken from the original picture.

Young Guns 3

Film stars– Phillips, Sutherland, and Slater, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio, Harry Knowles, Chris Pratt, and Warren G are also tagged in Fusco’s twitter post indicating that they might have some part to play in the film. “Some Legends Never Die” becomes the tagline of his post.

The word “Young” although puzzled out with bullets is obtrusive and legible enough for the viewers to get the idea behind it. It has already been 30 years since the original film was released which in turn is evident of the fact that actors that starred in the movie are now aged well into their 50s.

The image also shows a multitude of other characters around Billy. This may imply that the original star cast would be strengthened and reinforced by innumerous contemporary stars.

Remakes of 80’ films always have high demand. Movies like Bill & Ted Face the MusicComing 2 America, and the Cobra Kai series on Netflix and the craze with which viewers watch these are evident of it.

This fact does leave a lot of room for the possibility that this might be the perfect time to release the threequel. However, the irksome question that pops up is how the idea of this sequel is going to materialize, seeing as most of the Regulators were killed by the end of Young Guns 2, with Billy, himself, hunted down and shot by his deputized former “pal” Pat Garrett (William Peterson).

De-aging technology has undergone a number of refinement processes and advancements over the years. Films like The Irishman and the recent season finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian are bet suited examples of the same.

Nevertheless, it represents the opportunity that welcomes Young Guns 3 for its 50-something cast and be a “sidequel” of an untold story occurring between the first 2 films. The exactitude of the plan will be confirmed and established with time only as more information is disclosed.

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