Which Jane the Virgin Season 6 character is based on the sign of your zodiac?

Jane the Virgin Season 6 Updates: Jane the Virgin is full of characters who are large and serious. Dependent on your zodiac sign, which one will you be?

For 100 episodes, viewers watched the ladies of Villanueva navigate Jane The Virgin’s life and love in South Florida. Their lives were as dynamic and dramatic as the telenovelas they enjoyed, leaving a lot of scope for surprises to adapt to which they did not see coming and learning curves.

The women have quite a few colorful characters in their life with the drama of their lives, such as unintended insemination, reconnecting with high school love, and moving on from love lost. Any persuasive evidence to decode their zodiac signs includes the character characteristics and motives of certain characters.

  1. Aries: Luisa Jane the Virgin Season 6

Jane the Virgin Season 6

There are individuals who put a great deal of consideration into their selections, and there are those who leap straight in. Luisa is the latter, but she’s certainly an Aries.

Aries is impulsive, without taking into account the consequences, even after their first glance. That’s very much in line with Luisa leaping into a relationship with Rose before figuring out that her father is dating the guy. However,

Aries is still very bold, willing to take on new tasks that others would shy away from, such as leaving the country to go on a spiritual retreat that everybody laughs at around them.


  1. Jane the Virgin Season 6 Taurus: Michael

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Even if they don’t always see eye-to-eye, Michael is one of the most trustworthy persons in Jane’s life. He is calm and resolute, able to do the right thing and take on whatever burden thrown his way. Any of these are Taurus-related traits. Creatures of habit are those born under the sign of Taurus.

When it comes to romance, they have the one food truck they meet for lunch, the one book they read over and over again, and a definite sort. Michael is very much a creature of habit who has trouble letting the past go but is still there when he is needed by someone from the same past.

  1. Gemini: Petra

Jane the Virgin Season 6

She seems to be quite the schemer as the viewer gets to meet Petra first. This is partially true, as Petra always plans to get what she wants, but in fact, depending on the position she is in, Petra changes her attitude to solving her problems. That’s her very Gemini. Charmers are the Geminis.

They seem to make friends easily and can fit into just about every social atmosphere. However, when in these same social contexts, Geminis often tend to put on a different appearance, choosing to blend in rather than make waves. When she has to, Petra is good at playing in polite society, but in truth, she only needs to find out what makes her happy.

  1. Cancer: Lina

Jane the Virgin Season 6

One of Jane’s closest mates is Lina. When Jane wants to teach her own sexual education class at Catholic School, the two meet in fifth grade. Though in every episode she doesn’t appear, Lina and Jane never break their relation.

Those born under cancer are reputed to be overly sentimental but are still very emotionally associated with them. Instead of behavior, cancers place the emphasis on emotions.

Like Lina arguing with Jane about knowing that her friends could get fired from the hotel in the first season, they seem to be defensive.


  1. Jane the Virgin Season 6 Leo: Rogelio

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Rogelio likes being in the limelight. He wants his world to be well illuminated by a spotlight and to have an audience, whether it’s a telenovela or a Las Vegas stage show. There is no one who is more of a Leo than Rogelio in the show.

The limelight is cherished by Leos. If it’s a crowd, there’s a Leo in the middle of it. Of note, for those he cares for, Rogelio is still able to share the limelight. Maybe he loves his jobs, but he loves his family more.

  1. Jane the Virgin Season 6 Virgo: Rafael

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Rafael is a Leo in a lot of respects, just as Rogelio. He wants to be the one in charge or the one who, when things go well, gets the credit. However, Rafael is also a fan of a strategy that is well thought out.

He can resort to a bottle of luxury alcohol at first, or even a pretty face, when Rafael is faced with problems in his life, but he makes a strategy as well. For one, when Rafael first thinks he’s losing Jane, he prepares for her the perfect elaborate wedding proposal, but it’s too soon.

He also sets in motion arrangements to rescue his hotel from certain insolvency. The Virgo preparing impulse is down to Rafael.


  1. Libra: Nadine

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Nadine’s not long in the series, but she undoubtedly leaves an impact on the police force as Michael’s girlfriend. She turns out to have been feeding information, though not entirely by choice, to Sin Rostro.

In any case, Nadine sees the positive and the poor, comparing the potential consequences and sticking for the one decision she knows she needs to make.

In a debate, she is the one most inclined to be the devil’s advocate and to attempt to persuade others to consider that point of view. Nadine is a Libra to a considerable degree.


  1. Scorpio: Magda

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Thanks to their violent nature, Scorpios appear to be typecast as heroes, but in this situation, Scorpio, the resident of Jane The Virgin, is surely a villain. No matter who may get hurt in the end, Magda goes for what she wants.

To get Petra to begin playing with her paws, she masks the truth about herself from her own daughter. She sure gives a poor name to Scorpios.


  1. Sagittarius: Jane

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Jane has a lot of tendencies against Virgo. She has a five-year strategy, after all, and uses post-it notes to regularly arrange her calendar. However, her Sagittarius characteristics definitely outnumber her Virgo characteristics.

Those born under the Sagittarius sign are by nature curious. They love to read – and they love to share stories as well. A big part of who she is Jane’s passion for sharing stories, but she’s still someone who learns information like a sponge, knowing what she can about any object she’s interested in.


  1. Capricorn: Rose

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Rose, also known as Sin Rostro, the criminal boss, may not have a lot of Capricorns value for family relations, but she definitely has the pragmatism, work ethic, and ambition down.

Rose may work more on the show than anybody else, as she needs to spend all her time maintaining a façade, operating her illegal operations, and keeping one step ahead of the authorities.

All the hard work pays off when she is able to amass money and power for a long time – before she is eventually captured.


  1. Aquarius: Xiomara

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Aquarius, the rebel of the zodiac, chooses to make his own course through the universe rather than to tread a familiar one. And a nutshell, that’s Xiomara.

Xiomara never gives up, despite her job options not being completely realistic for a young woman living with her mother and having a child in high school.

She puts her daughter first, butts heads with her mother, but still follows her love, whether it’s dance or music, for performing. Maybe she isn’t Jane’s definition of a typical parent, but she sure makes her own way.


  1. Pisces: Alba

Jane the Virgin Season 6

Pisces are often thought of as the zodiac’s most mystical, and they appear to be the most linked to the world around them. They’re souls who are imaginative and sensitive.

In her household, Alba has strict guidelines, but as part of her religious observations, she has them. Alba relaxes the rules when she watches her daughter becoming a mum, and then her granddaughter as well, realizing that in a shifting environment she needs to be versatile.

However, Alba never gives up her own spiritual attention and seeks ways to honor her values while also allowing the independence of those around her to live their lives as they see fit.



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