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Hitman 3 Developer Responds to the Hitman 2

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Update: Both series creators IO Immersive and Epic Games have made it clear after the brief roar among Hitman 3 fans over a situation and involving PC players having to repurchase Hitman 2 content, that no one would have to pay extra money to get the full experience of Hitman 3.

And the latest release this week signals the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy from IO, and it’s intended to house the whole game trio in one slim box.

Not only can players get a complete suite of new levels and destruction resources to play with, but if they’ve been playing from the beginning, they will download the levels from the previous two titles.

The trouble with this for those playing on PC is that Hitman 3 is actually the first trilogy to be self-published by IO Interactive, and in order to cover those expenses, the developer made a partnership with Epic Games.

This ensures that for a set amount of time, Hitman 3 would be unique to the Epic Games Store, stopping anyone who played the games on Steam from checking their purchase and moving the levels into the new release.

Hitman 3

For the first ten days, the initial Hitman levels would arrive with anyone purchasing the new game, but Hitman 2 never made it to the storefront of Epic, and the original idea was to sell those levels at a huge discount.

Hitman 3: About their twitter work:

This strategy didn’t go well with everyone, and Tim Sweeney, president of IO Interactive and Epic Gaming, took Twitter to let people know there’s a patch in the works.

In IO’s statement to the fans, it ensures that no one will need to repurchase any of the content from either Hitman game and to bring it to the Hitman 3 if they have already purchased the previous entries.

But, Sweeney has taken things one step further, promising that no Epic Games Store customer should ever have to rebuy the game that they bought on Steam in order to gain the functionality in a news release.

The Hitman developer says that it is working with its partners on a solution that is very likely to involve Steam in some way. IO already has on its own website a cross-platform account system that, as has been the case with other games such as Griftlands in the past, could theoretically detect ownership of Steam and Epic games.

This iteration of the franchise deserves a stellar send-off, with IO moving on to a game based on James Bond and other potential future projects after this release, and all indications point to players getting exactly that when the game is released on Wednesday.