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Spider-Man 3: Face-Off Between Mysterio & Daredevil

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 Updates: The poster, made by a fan depicts a possible scenario that we might hopefully get to see in the upcoming Spiderman movie. Spiderman 3 could be called the crown jewel of Marvel projects from phase 4. 

Tom Holland returns to the big screen as Spiderman in a stand-alone feature film for the third time, tying Tobey Maguire and Holland’s appearances as the world’s favorite wall-crawler. 

Spiderman: Far from home left off at a huge cliffhanger as spiderman is being framed for murder by Mysterio( Jake Gyllenhaal) and Peter Parker’s identity is exposed to the entire world, leaving the young hero in a very precarious place going into Spiderman 3.

Far from home was an extremely well-executed feature film, cementing Spiderman’s role in the upcoming Marvel projects as the true successor of Iron man.

While the plot details are yet to be revealed, fans speculate that there will be a lot of familiar faces in the movie. The movie will be the one to watch out for Spiderman aficionados as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are set to appear in the movie, along with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man 3: Mysterio & Daredevil

Spider-Man 3

It is also rumored that Charlie Cox will bring back his Daredevil, a first appearance since the cancellation of the Daredevil Netflix show. While the fans are looking forward to his presence on screen. However, Marvel is yet to confirm his involvement.

This little rumor has to lead to fans bursting with creativity and, they are eager to see the Matt Murdock- Peter Parker team. As seen in this post from entomology, a determined Daredevil faces off with Mysterio, who is larger than life. It would be interesting to see how Mysterio would try to outsmart Daredevil.

How his illusions might affect him. Would Daredevil’s blindness prove to be his protection against the tricks played by Mysterio or would they be his downfall?

Although it isn’t clear if Mysterio would appear in Spiderman 3, as his death in Far from home creates uncertainty. His machinations from beyond the grave have shown that his presence could be there in the third film, it’s just a matter of how this takes place.

As for Daredevil, recent reports indicate that Cox has wrapped filming the project recently, so one might want to keep an eye out for him to be suiting up alongside Holland. Though the news is yet to be officialized, fans are waiting to welcome Daredevil onto the big screens since Ben Affleck played him in 2003.


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