Wonder Woman 1984 Fixes The Original Movie’s Ending Problem

Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: When Wonder Woman 1984 has been more decisive than its predecessor, it has been succeeded in the way that in 2017s…

Published: January 19th, 2021 1:07 am | Updated: January 19, 2021 1:07 am

Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: When Wonder Woman 1984 has been more decisive than its predecessor, it has been succeeded in the way that in 2017s Wonder Woman fell short: had a worthy ending which is constant in the movie’s story.

In spite of throwing bombastic CGI battle with a mustache-twirling villain, Wonder woman 1984 sees Diana succeeded by telling her the value of truth no matter how painful it can be.

Wonder woman 1984 starts with Diana’s childhood memories in which she competed in Amazon games on Themyscira and cheats so that she can win. After getting stopped before the finished lines, Antiope chastises Diana for getting a shortcut and advised her that nothing good has ever happened by lying.

In the beginning, sets up the core themes of the sequel, which features a Monkey’s Paw-Esque artifact called dreamstone. It offers to make people’s deepest wishes, but those wishes come with a hidden cost.

Wonder Woman’s first movie was about a journey from naivete to maturity but it stopped at the final hurdle and muddled its message. And then luckily Wonder woman 1984 doesn’t make the same mistakes again. The sequel not only delivers a better ending for its own story but also gave Wonder woman the ending it should have.

Wonder Woman 1984 Ending Explained

Wonder Women 1984
Wonder Women 1984

At the end of the wander, a woman is close to becoming perfect. The film begins with naive Diana learning about World war 1 and decided that such a terrible war must be done by Olympian god Ares.

Tasking steve Trevor to take her to where there is the worst fighting, Diana plans to get over the war by killing Ares and she believes that General Ludendorff, a german military leader who is plotting to prolong the war is Ares in disguise.

One of the powerful moments in the film when Diana killed Ludendorff and waits expectedly for the gun firing to stop and only to realize that the death of a single man hasn’t ended the war. The weight of Steve’s own harrowing experiences in the war breaks through as he tells Diana that Ares was never responsible for the fight.

There is a suitable end of Diana’s coming of age arc as she comes to the fact that men’s evil of the world can’t be blamed on God’s manipulation, or can’t be solved by killing that god.

However, the ending of wander woman undermines this message by revealing that British politician Sir Patrick Morgan actually is Ares, at which point a big CGI battle ensues.

Messages were tried to be maintained by the scripts, with Ares speaking that he never forced to start a war and had only whispered in their ears, the idea of deadlier weapons. And after all, Diana shoots Ares by a lightning bolt that leaves nothing apart from a giant smoking crater.

And after all these things she saw that the gun firing was stopped. The sun rises on the horizon, the soldiers removed all their masks and there was an immediate cut to the British crowd and started celebrating the end of the war.