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WandaVision Voice on the Radio Explained


WandaVision episode 2 teases a person’s voice on the radio, and this series is the first connection to Ant-Man and the Wasp. It is unlikely anything we’ve ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Wanda Vision’s world is certainly not what it seems; it’s a fake reality. Paul Bettany’s beloved Wanda has been a strange but delightful experience so far, and it also has the rewinding of the previous episodes.

In the teaser of episode 2, it was seen that Scarlet Witch’s powers have come from an Infinity Stone. as shown in it one cannot tell that how far her abilities can go in the maintaining of this world.

For episode 2 we have already many questions related to what’s going on. To know what’s going on we need to listen to the radio very closely.

WandaVision: Update


Well in the real world also there are people who are monitoring Wanda and Vision and this fact is undeniable. It has also been evidenced by some of the people who are watching at the end of episode 1 and are trying to reach Wanda on the radio for second episode. On the radio, we can also listen to the voice person more than one time.

The second episode of WandaVision pays tribute to the 60’s kid’s shows like Bewitched. It has not been confirmed yet that whose voice is on the radio, but it sounds very much like Jimmy Woo, played by Randall Park. Woo was an FBI agent monitoring Scott Lang. And now he is working with another organization: SWORD.

We can see how SWORD’s role in WandaVision plays out but it’s interesting to know that what Jimmy Woo has to say on the radio.

Woo appeared may be seen to make contact with Wanda, and they suggest that they don’t believe she’s at Fault. According to this, we can say that there is a weapon or device that’s either creating this face world ot interacting with Scarlet Witch’s power to create this reality.