Colossus Down Review: Cute & Cuddly Robot Destruction

Colossus Down Review: The new “Psychotic Adventures” series in the Mango Protocol allows players to steal the world with a girl and her lethal mecha.

Colossus Down is the best latest of the Psychotic Adventures series of games produced by the Spanish studio Mango Protocol, which collected a similar simple history of its preceding hits Mecha Nika and famed Agatha Knife.

Colossus Down is a small girl and her 10-foot high-combat mech on both PCs (via Steam) consols to wreck the halls this holiday time and does admirable work with her premise. plays play the part of Nika, a 7-year-old engineering genius who invents a huge gain great robot called MechaNika.

They will wander the planet together (in optional local co-op mode, together with Nikas friend Agatha and a butcher semi goth called Great Bleeding Pig)and use MechaNikas great power to kill everything “uncool” so that Nika can recreate everything in her image.

The sense of humor of the game is dark and often surreal, with a lot of clever nodes to famous shows, sports, and even a public figure or two. In the end, there’s a bizarre twist that would involve knowledge of last Psychotic Adventures to make sense, but it’s incredibly gripping in a great famed morbid way.

The art style of great famed Colossus Downs is reminiscent of the interesting wonders Adventure Time & scribble naught, great good featuring colorful 2D graphics, cute funny character models, and great animated cute scenes.

Colossus Down Review Nika’s journey:-

Colossus Down
Nika’s journeys take her to a wide range of locations, including schoolyards, military bases, neon lit cyberpunk cities, Candy Land’s style dreamscape, and even the inside of a video game.

The dialogue is done via text with hand-drawn letters and occasional spelling errors to emphasize the child-like perspective of the game.

All of this successfully contributes to the aesthetics of the game which is ultimately one of its biggest selling points, but will also undeniably turn off some players who think it’s too cartoonist. While Colossus down is, for the most part, a solid beat-’em-up, it is not without its flaws.

Unlocking new attacks can take a long time because of the large amount of scrap that you need to collect to fill the upgrade bar, and some of the puzzles and boss fights can be confusing at first because of a lack of clear instructions on what to do.

It also has a fairly middling ceiling, as it lacks some depth that would contribute to making it a more engaging overall great experience. Still, Colossus Down is a fun, quirky, and dark game for players who want nothing more than to shave the world in the name of a cute mecha and the genius who built it.

To be sure, that’s a pretty niche audience, but those with a fondness for well-made side S rollers or morbid cartoons will also find a lot to like in famed interesting Colossus Down.


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