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WandaVision: Who is Agnes? Character Explained


WandaVision: Updates: Who is the Agnes? In WandaVision, Agnes has now no longer been clarified yet, however she can be associated with the Comic book villain Agatha Harkness.

With WandaVision, a 50s-styled, sitcom-primarily based totally tv display set in the idyllic city of Westview, Disney+ formally kicked off the MCU’s Step 4.

Agnes is the peppy know-it-all performed via way of means of Kathryn Hahn at the block, however, her call and dress add-ons imply she’s Agatha Harkness, a first-rate individual in the comic-book arc of Scarlet Witch.

In Marvel comics, not anything is understood approximately the origins of Agatha Harkness. She’s a witch who has been round lengthy sufficient to peer the crumble of Atlantis and has given that entered the society of New Salem, fought the Fantastic Four, paired up with the Fantastic Four, and presented Scarlet Witch recommendation and instruction.

She is revived via way of means the magical way after being burnt on the stake via way of means of her grandchildren, additionally called the Salem’s Seven, and informs Scarlet Witch that her youngsters with Vision are truly relics of Mephisto, the Demon of Marvel.

WandaVision About Agnes’s Character


About viewers: While Agatha Harkness has now no longer been formally confirmed, in WandaVision’s first episodes there are moderate clues in addition to trailers that display the actual individual of Second, the call of Agnes appears like Agatha Harkness’s simplified version-“Ag” from her first call and “nes” from her ultimate call.

In the early episodes, Eagle-eyed lovers will even discover Agnes sporting the equal brooch, and a trailer indicates Agnes sporting it as a necklace someplace in every other sitcom In the comics, Agatha Harkness is usually proven close to her neck with a brooch as well.

Agnes dons a witch hat in the course of what is, presumably, Halloween in every other preview.

This might also additionally all be coincidental, however, in the comics, Agatha evokes Wanda, and Agnes seems to be creating a worth try to be a part of the existence of Wanda and She gives Wanda help in making ready a romantic anniversary dinner for Vision as quickly as she is added to the display, loans Wanda pots and pans while she wishes them, and offers her the rundown of the organization fundraising meeting.