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The Boys Season 3: Antony Starr Doesn’t think the Show will be called off anytime soon.

The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 Updates: Antony Starr, the actor who depicts the superb villainous Homelander on the Boys, says that the show is far from overstaying its acceptance.

The actor Antony Starr depicts the powerful villainous Homelander on THE BOYS, says that the show is really far from ending.

The wildly popular Amazon original is an adaption of the book genre of comic series of the same name, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The series follows up the titular Boys, a troupe of mostly non-superpowered humans who were attempting to expose the true nature of various superheroes who have less ideal morals.

Starr portrays Homelander, the leader of the Seven, whose person is very far from the Captain America- like patriot he presents as in public.

The series has proven to be a blockbuster hit for Amazon. Both its first and second seasons collected critical and fan acclaim, praising the series for its refreshing take in the well-worm superhero genre.

Few controversies about its release timetable, the show’s 2nd season even managed to be the first Non-Netflix show to crack Nielson’s top ten for streaming programs. The show was renewed for a 3rd season a month before its season 2 leading, highlighting Amazon’s trust in The Boys.

Complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, season 3 of the Boys are all set to begin shooting in early 2021.

The Boys Season 3 What Antony has to say about the show?

The Boys Season 3

Few info is known about the story for the upcoming season, but the show is expected latest to adopt some elements of the comic a little more closely compared to its first two seasons, will be bumped up to a series regular. Jensen Ackles was also an actor as Solider Boy, the first superhero within the context of The Boy’s universe.

Starr’s comments all about the places the show could be going in the future certainly have merit. The show, especially during 2nd season, veered pretty significantly from its source material, proving that the team behind The Boys were able to hold their own without the safety net of an established story.

But, the series had also yet to touch on some of the most shocking and compelling parts of the comic. The future of THE BOYS looks strong enough and Starr’s confidence in the series only highlighted that.

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