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Ghost In The Shell: Arise finally major meets each of her team member.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell: Arise, is an Animated TV series in Japan also called Mobile Armored Riot Polic: Arise. It is the second series of the franchise after Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the shell.

Its direction is done by Kazuchika Kise. It is different from the original because of its new character designs.

The series got acclaimed because of the incredible action mixed with philosophical themes. The plot is set in Newport city in Japan.

The series is set in 2027, where people in developed countries have become mechanical with artificial bodies.

The series is about a younger major Motoko Kusanagi, who at the beginning of Arise was a member of the federal 501 organization which works to neutralize enemy threats and attacks.

Ghost In The Shell: Arise – Update

Ghost in the Shell

The 501 organization is also lending her the prosthetic body of her which she got in returns for her services.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise, premiered first in 2013, where the major met every member of her team.

The series got handles with the first two entries as Ghost in the Shell: Arise Border 1, ghost pain and Border 2, ghost whisper.

In border 1 “Ghost pain”, this major first met Detective Togusa, who was investigating a series of deaths that might be linked to her case.

Ranger Batou interrupted the meeting who thoughts of major were not cleared as she thinks that major is the killer and major got run-ins to her quite often and have already met.

This got cleared at the end of the episode as major left 501 organizations to work with Aramaki,

In Border 2 “Ghost Whispers”, it is then when she got the members for her section 9 squad.

A  Soldier named “Soga” entered who was accused of massacring unarmed civilians and as Major starts investigating the case, he hired a group to prove his innocence and the group included Batou, Technology Specialist Ishikawa and Borma.

Batou also tried to kill major numerous times during the episode, subdues Borma, and tracks Sniper Saito who after offered bad pay, refuses to get recruitment by them.

The major finally enlist them for the right price and also by the end of the episode; Batou and his men learned the truth about Soga’s Massacre and major puts a choice for Batou to join her or face prison as she was in pressure to form a group. By episode 3 “Ghost Tears” the team is mostly set, with Togusa offered a place in Section 9 by the end.

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