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Baby Yoda Joins The Boys In Hilarious Photo

The Boys
The Boys

The Boys Updates: The Boys and Baby Yoda come together in a funny picture edit in a crossover nobody thought we wanted. So far, The Boys have been running on Amazon Prime for two seasons, and then it was a crazy journey.

The second season saw the Billy Butcher taking on the neo-Nazi supervillain from the Stormfront and the continuing presence of the megalomaniac Homelander and his rag-tag team.

Significant surprises for season 3 are in place as the show comes back. Similarly, on the other side of the tv continuum, The Mandalorian has just ended its second season.

Baby Yoda, whose real name we now know is Grogu, and his adopted parent, Din Djarin, went on more high-flying journeys. The finale finds him on a rescue mission to save his partner after Din loses Grogu to Moff Gideon.

About The Boys and Baby Yoda photo which is posted on Twitter:

The Boys
The Boys

There is a shot of Grogu in the hands of Billy Butcher shared on The Boys Twitter account. As he enters some kind of space, and Butcher is keeping Grogu forward, and Grogu’s eyes are shining blue.

It seems as though Grogu is being carried by Butcher as a weapon, hoping that he can clear the area that Butcher and his team are approaching.

It’s hard to picture a future where Billy Butcher and Grogu cross, but it’s hard to forget until one does it. The cuteness of Grogu will be no match for the gruff demeanor of Billy Butcher.

Grogu will be a solid addition to Butcher’s squad as well. Grogu has shown off his Mandalorian Force abilities here and there, but they appear to make this little guy very sleepy.

Before he joined Butcher, Grogu will have to do some big preparation. The Mandalorian pointed at Grogu’s darker edge, but it has yet to be fully investigated. It is doubtful that he will let Grogu go to the Dark Side with Luke Skywalker rescuing him at the end of Season 2.

Grogu will still have a lot to learn about good and evil and how to exercise his abilities, but once he’s all learned, maybe he’ll be able to join The Boys for a fast job or two. Since what happened in season 2, they could surely use the help.