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Deadpool ३ Kills Captain America and Spider-Man in MCU fans poster. Check out for more details.


Deadpool 3 Updates: In this new fan poster with a high body count, Deadpool is making a splash in the MCU and killing heroes including Spider-Man and Captain America. Deadpool enters the MCU and, in this new fan poster, kills heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America.

For years, due to Fox’s ownership of the role, Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson existed outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, Marvel Studios was given the chance to introduce the X-Men and neighboring characters(such as, hey, Deadpool) into the MCU when Disney bought Fox.

A big update about the Deadpool series arrived yesterday, though Marvel’s plans for the XMen are unclear: dead pool 3 will be set in the MCU.
For a while now, the project has been in progress, with the script currently being prepared.

Although it is not expected that Deadpool 3 will start shooting until 2022 at the earliest, the announcement that the film will take place inside the MCU (and will still berated R!) has ignited fan enthusiasm.

How Deadpool ३ Killed  Captain America and Spider-Man?


The fourth wall breaking humor of Wade makes him ideally appropriate for a sudden MCU transplant, and Reynolds has already been playing with the news.

Plot specifics remain under wraps for the time being, so it’s not yet clear if Deadpool can connect with any existing MCU characters. Perhaps it would be safer if Wade stayed away from the heroes of the MCU on the basis of this latest fan poster.

The poster, entitled Deadpool Kills the MCU, sees Wade posing with characters including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man among the dead bodies. Interestingly enough, at some point in the MCU, all the characters featured in the terrifying body count have already died, save for Captain America.

In reality, the anti-hero instincts of Deadpool may place him as the kind of person who would actually kill heroes, and maybe there is a potential story there. Imagine the MCU entry of Deadpool seeing him accepting a task to destroy the Avengers.

The introduction will probably be quite that. All at this stage, of course, is speculation. The MCU could look very, very different by the time Deadpool 3 is released.
In reality, most of the characters in the poster above have either left the MCU already or will be gone by the time Deadpool 3 comes out.

In Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America made their exits: Endgame and characters such as Vision, Black Widow, and Gamora are scheduled for at least one more film, although they are unsure about their future after that.

Hopefully, Doctor Strange and SpiderMan would still be around, which will certainly please fans who would like to see Deadpool and Spiderman team up on the big screen.
Only time will say what everybody’s favorite foul mouthed mercenary has in store for the MCU.