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Tiny Pretty Things season 2: 5 Theories on the sequel to the Netflix series

Tiny Pretty Things season 2

Will Tiny Pretty Things have the right to a season 2? For the moment, Netflix is ​​keeping it a secret, but while waiting to learn more, we can already imagine what is likely to happen in the potential sequel to the series between Pretty Little Liars and Elite. We brainstormed 5 theories. Warning, this article contains spoilers at the end of season 1!
The end of season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things answered a lot of our questions, like the revelation of the culprit responsible for Cassie’s accident (Anna Maiche), but mostly opened on another mystery with the death of Ramon Costa. . The Netflix series could therefore totally have a season 2: the showrunners have even already started to think about new intrigues according to Damon J. Gillespie (Caleb). While waiting to learn more, discover 5 theories on the sequel.

Tiny Pretty Things season 2: 5 Theories

Tiny Pretty Things season 2

1. Who killed Ramon Costa?

With the last episode of season 1, we can inevitably expect season 2 to revolve around the murder of Ramon Costa. Who killed the dance teacher at the Archer School of Ballet? Who is guilty? Some suspects are already standing out: June, Bette, Neveah, Monique, and Cassie. They all had scores to settle with Ramon Costa, so they all have a motive, especially since Cassie suffered another threat from Ramon before ditching Caleb.

2. Bette finally cleared in Tiny Pretty Things Season 2?

While Delia (Tory Trowbridge) is responsible for her fall from the roof, Cassie decides to denounce Bette in revenge for trying to steal the show. Bette is then arrested in place of her big sister and then discovers that her mother knew about everything, but chose not to say anything to save Delia.

As she is a minor, her sentence is much less severe than that which her sister could have received. We still wonder if justice will be done in the potential season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things. Cassie might come to Bette’s aid, but she risks being focused on other secrets she was lucky enough to hear when she was in a coma.

3. Monique and Caleb’s secret revealed … by Nabil?

Definitely, Monique (Lauren Holly) is surely the worst of all. In addition to selling students from her dance institute to men for a night, she maintains a sexual relationship with Caleb, who is a minor, or rather maintained.

She decided to end it to continue sleeping with Ramon, but with the death of the professor, she may well fall back into the arms of the student. Is their secret in danger? ” If someone finds out, it’s a problem for everyone, especially Caleb. He would lose everything he fought for, ” Damon J. Gillespie told HollywodLife before specifying that Nabil could easily find out. the truth about his mate and Monique. Will he protect them?

4. A new competition between Bette, Neveah, and June?

In addition to Tiny Pretty Things, Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton wrote the sequel in their book called Shiny Broken Pieces. If season 2 of the series is also inspired by the novel, a new competition to join the prestigious American Ballet Company school could well still create great tensions between Neveah (Kylie Jefferson), Bette, and June (Daniela Norman). Their rivalry is more present than ever, especially since they have the risk of losing everything in this competition, in the book.

5. Cassie’s real face revealed?

In the first episodes of season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things, we think Cassie is a simple victim, but as we go, we understand that she is ultimately not that innocent. We also have proof of this when she wakes up from a coma: ” Cassie was horrible (…) Of course, you have empathy and you feel sorry for her. But I have the impression that it disappears. pretty quickly. It kinda disappeared for me too when I read about how brutal she is, “Anna Maiche tells HollywoodLife. The actress then teases that Cassie’s dark side will continue to be explored, but her soft side could also be brought to the fore more.