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One Piece Chapter 999 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot & Cast Details

One Piece Chapter 999 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 999 Updates: Fans are very excited as they are only two days behind the release of One Piece Chapter 999. The full summary of this impending chapter is finally released to the web world. However, manga enthusiasts always look forward to raw scans and manga. Read on to get the latest updates on this.

With the release date of One Piece Chapter 999 already stipulated, fans expect One Piece Chapter 1000 to be released in December. The next chapter is titled “The waiting liquor that I prepared for you”.

Manga enthusiasts will likely show in One Piece chapter 999 what Big Mom did for Captain Kaido of the Beast Pirates, which made him indebted to her forever. These two characters are very formidable in One Piece.

The fandom now has the idea of ​​what One Piece Chapter 999 would be like, thanks to Redon, gyrozepp95, and Korean insiders. The impending chapter is likely to shed light on Big Mom and Kaido’s past. Fans will be surprised to see that there is something more to their relationship besides being former members of the mighty Rock Pirates.

The Spoilers

Upcoming One Piece Chapter 999 spoilers reveal that it will focus on the Sea Emperors talking on the roof of the Skull Dome while waiting for Luffy, as reported by IBT. While Big Mom might ask Kaido to leave Nico Robin alive, fans will see him (Kaido) ask if Charlotte Pudding isn’t able to read ancient texts.

According to the spoilers, Portgas Ace came to the land of Wano, specifically Onigashima to save the mainland children who were kidnapped by Kaido’s minions. Spoilers also reveal that when Ace went to Onigashima, the captain of the Beasts Pirates was on an expedition. Fans wonder that Ace met Yamato instead of Kaido.

According to IBT, it should be a tribute or flashback to Ace. Marco is said to think of Ace for a brief period. Alternatively, the impending chapter will show Marco the Phoenix flying towards the roof of the Skull Dome with Roronoa Zoro. It seems they haven’t been able to reach their destination yet. Spoilers suggest that a more powerful version of King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague would be there to prevent them.

Chapter 999 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers

The battle between Monkey D Luffy’s and Kaido alliance in Onigashima will become more exciting in Chapter 999. Members of the Straw Hat Pirates will face off against members of Tobi Roppo or Flying Six Kaido in Onigashima. It will be available on VizMedia.


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