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Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Will Its Season 2 Return?-Click To Know

Idhun Chronicles Season 2-

Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Update: The Idhun Chronicles is a Spanish anime-style fantasy web series. It is based on the Idhun’s Memories book saga by Laura Gallego. The series is produced by Zeppelin TV for Netflix. Spain originated series was started in September 2020 and is about to bring its season 2.

Memorias De Idhun or Idhun Chronicles is developed by Laura Gallego and Andre Carrion. The series is directed by Maite Ruiz De Austria.

Know About The Cast And Characters

Fans can watch the Spanish series in the English language too, which is the effort by the cast members. The voice cast of the series is different for both the Spanish and English languages.

Idhun Chronicles Season 2

The Spanish voice cast includes Itzan Escamilla as Jack, Michelle Jenner as Victoria, Nico Romero as Shail, Sergio Mur as Kirtash, Carlos Cuevas as Alsan, Pep ribas as Elrion, Juan Anyonio Bernal as Ashran and Maria Luisa Sola as Allegra.

The English voice cast members include Griffin Burns as Jack, Erika Harlacher as Victoria, Griffin Puatu as Shail, Johnny Yong Bosh as Kirtash, Billy Kametz as Alsan, Christopher Corey as Elrion, Joe Ochaman as Mago Szish, and many more.

Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Plot Summary

The plot is totally based on a teenage boy who takes revenge on the killers of his family. While on the journey he saves the Earth, facing breathtaking harsh challenges.

The story of season 1 starts with the entry of a necromancer named Ashran who is all set to destroy the earth. But a teenager named Jack will save the earth from such a heavy disaster. Jack along with a spring wizard named Victoria faces brutal attacks by assassin Kirtash, who is helping the destroyer Ashran.

Season 2: Updates And Releases

The web series is all set to make its comeback with season 2. The official updates and schedules are already up by the official sites. The question is when will it air?

The question to the above questions is 8 January 2021. Yes! Season 2 will be airing on the streaming giant Netflix. Netflix premiers the seasons and movies at the midnight. The upcoming season 2 is expected to release at the midnight, due to which the Indian fans can witness season 2 at 1:30 pm on 8 January.

Similarly, for the European viewers, the show will air at 9 AM on 8 January. The Japanese fans can witness the airing at 5 PM JST. For Australia, the viewers will be able to watch the series from 6:30 AM, 8 January.

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