Equinox Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Cast Details

Equinox Season 2: The second season could approach the story from either Jakob’s or Ida’s perspective.
Although the first season of “Equinox ” solved several of its mysteries, it also left some questions that could be addressed in a second installment. Although Netflix has not yet given the green light to the realization of new episodes, fans of the Danish series are hoping to continue developing this plot.

For now, it only remains to hope that the streaming giant evaluates the response of its audience and based on that makes a decision regarding the future of fiction, which focuses on a woman who is tormented by various visions, combining different realities than the fans. have loved.

The first six episodes of “ Equinox ” follow radio host Astrid, whose sister disappeared in 1999 along with 20 other students. The students’ disappearances sparked a lot of conspiracy theories, so there’s a chance that a second season could explore some of the other beliefs the series didn’t resolve.

The Plot of Equinox Season 2: What will happen in Season 2?

Equinox Season 2 Details

At the end of the first season, Astrid finds some conclusive answers that involve her mother, but questions remain, such as what are the origins of some of the characters? And what will happen to X now?

However, no details are yet available on what will happen in a possible second installment of the Danish mystery thriller series, based on Tea Lindburg’s hit 1985 ” Equinox ” podcast series.

Season 2 could approach the story from Jakob’s perspective, or even Ida’s, as it might be interesting to see what actually happened from the victims’ point of view.

The Expected Release Date of Equinox Season 2?

The second season of “ Equinox ” has no release date on Netflix yet, but new episodes are likely to hit the platform in early 2022.


The following actors and characters are expected to return in the second season:

Danica Curcic as Astrid
Lars Bergmann will be back in the role of Dennis
Karoline Hamm will play Ida
Hanne Hedelund will reprise Lene
Fanny Bornedal will be back as Amelia
August Carter will play Jacob
Ask Truelsen will return with the character Falke
Alexandre Willaume ca be seen as Henrik
Peder Holm Johansen will reprise Torben
Rasmus Hammerich (Mathias)
Zaki Nobel (David)
Tina Gylling Mortensen (Doris)

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