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Dragon Quest 3 Hot Plate Speedrun Seems Really Dangerous

Dragon Quest 3
Dragon Quest 3

Dragon Quest 3 Updates: In order to cause a glitch that sets in-game party scores to 99, Speedrunners are at it again with one of the wildest tricks used to shorten run times: practically heating up the Famicom version of Dragon Quest 3.

This comes just a month after the speedrunners managed to create a new Zelda Legend. By not doing anything for 17 entire hours, Twilight Princess reports, further showing the lengths to which others would go for their speedruns.

It is understood that Dragon Quest 3 is a very challenging game for speedrunners. Since it is a JRPG, it can take up to 30 or so hours for most daily playthroughs, and even the top speedruns for the game will take hours.

This is even more than what is typical of a normal speedrun, with the most only topping an hour and some, such as the latest Smash Bros. Sephiroth’s Challenge speedruns.

Ultimate. It just takes seconds. Given that Dragon Quest 3 is almost 33 years old, all the glitches were uncovered, one would hope, but speedrunners proved otherwise.

Dragon Quest 3: About some discovery:

Dragon Quest 3
Dragon Quest 3

Somehow, Japanese player Hitshee has found that, according to a tweet from VGDensetsu, by heating a Famicom to a certain temperature while running Dragon Quest 3, a bug is activated that enables players to start at level 99.

By using this flaw, Hitshee was able to speed up the game in just 22 minutes and 22 seconds, practically putting a Famicom on a hotplate and heating it between 50 ° C (122 ° F) and 80 ° C (176 ° F).

After recognizing that the reproducibility of another bug was different between summer and winter, Hitshee found the bug, contributing to the realization that temperature was a factor.

This technique sounds dangerous, of course, but Hitshee describes the method as safe, saying I’m playing with a safety check. I never broke a console with the NES, and it’s not as risky as you would imagine.

If the device fails, I can easily patch it. Technically, a hot plate is an actual instrument, although this particular situation has probably never been examined before (and for good reason).

Whatever the case, seeing what speedrunners come up with next would be fascinating. For the excellent Dragon Quest 11 S 30 years down the road, maybe a trick would be revealed.


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