Katelyn Baltierra is so upset for her miscarriage

Katelyn Baltierra: Catelynn Lowell is an American Television personality, author, and public speaker. She was born on March 12, 1992.

She was well known for a television series named 16 and pregnant this series is about Pregnancy and every month of Motherhood. She was married, Tyler Baltierra and children three children.

She was very happy that she was pregnant and she giving birth to the new one. But now the saddest news that she was suffered from a painful miscarriage. She was heartbroken that she lost her baby.

She announced this news in a recent interview. Catylynn Lowell was aged 28, but she was heartbroken by knowing she was a miscarriage, this was announced the post-December 8th.

She was told in this news that she was pregnant and she was so excited to share this news with all of her fans and she was very sad to reveal this news that she was a miscarriage and she was so sad to lose her baby. In the MTV star, she showed a positive report in the pregnancy test with her husband.

Katelyn Baltierra and her Husband are sad

She also mentioned that she shared her news with her fans that she faced this situation with her fans and she is not alone. She faced this situation with her fans.

Katelyn Baltierra

Her loss, pain, and the recovery from it. She was very upset and she takes the time to recover from this emotional trauma. She was thankful to her followers in advance for their prayers, love, and support.

Catylynn shared that about her secret pregnancy and miscarriage in a recent interview, three days back before thanking for expectation. On December 8th, Catylynn told champion daily on the same day she has revealed her miscarriage news.

She was so excited to, her pregnancy news was didn’t tell her daughter Nova. Because it was so much time to reveal this news to her. She also tells about the suffering during a miscarriage.

After some days she was overwhelmed by sadness about the loss of her baby. This is her first miscarriage. She was very anxious to know her mental health. Catylynn was more upset and she was in mild depression after knowing this matter.

All her fans were shocked and upset on this matter. We have to pray that God will give the strength to come over from this news and also god will give the strength to her family to overcome this situation. Stay tuned for more updates


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