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1,000 Pound Sister’s Season 2: Ready for season 2 and Much more

1,000 Pound Sister's Season 2
1,000 Pound Sister's Season 2

1,000 Pound Sister’s Season 2 Updates:  The world can able to see the journey of many people, how they will lose their weight, and how they will reduce their weight by carrying a proper diet.

See, weight is a necessary thing for each and everyone, but we all know that having something in a proper way is good for us. But, having the same thing much more is quite a bad thing or it can make an adverse effect on our health. In the same way, having a weight in a proper manner is good for health.

For example, having weight according to the height I well and good. But, having a weight, which is not a proper way for our health. Here, the two Kentucky sisters, came forward to show, how people should stand strong without getting depressed because of their weight.

TLC Second Season:

The second season of this TLC Kentucky sisters will re-enter on television to gain the attention of the audience in more effective way than the season-1 when compared.

On January, this second season will takes place.  And, the teaser had already released this month. And, this teaser says some story, where the sister named Amy Slaton is pregnant. And, her pregnancy grabs the attention of people.

Major Reviews on 1,000 Pound Sister’s

1,000 Pound Sister's Season 2
1,000 Pound Sister’s Season 2

It is just something that is a normal part of my life. Some women have not only gained back all of her weight that she lost but at least 30-40 pounds more even though she THINKS that she hasn’t.

But, I am a size 2 as opposed to her at least a size 20. She feels that she doesn’t eat a lot in a day but I struggle to eat even a child-sized portion in a day.

My husband feels so badly for me because I can’t eat anywhere near what I should be able to eat on a daily basis but I do like the fact that I’m not able to gain weight like i used to in the past but I wish I could eat as much calories as I should be able to at this point of my life to do things such as heal my broken foot which isn’t healing like it should be from April 20th till now, July, 16th. That being said.

I still think that this whole weight loss thing is just transferring addiction from weight to in MY case. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on what I call JUNK which is more like Disney items. But, it is a transfer. You don’t cure an addiction, you transfer it to something else.

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