Sex and the City Reboot without Kim Cattrall alias Samantha

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A Sex and the City reboot without Kim Cattrall  – hardly imaginable! The popular series about the four friends and their adventures in New York City ended over 16 years ago. Because the TV format was an absolute hit, there has been speculation about a new edition for some time. But if there was one, then one of the four leading actresses would most likely be missing: Kim alias Samantha Jones.

Is Sex and the City Reboot possible without Kim Cattrall alias Samantha?

The actress announced this in the “Women’s Prize for Fiction” podcast. In it, she talked about how lucky she felt to have turned her back on her cult role. “You don’t want to be a caged bird,” explained the blonde – and if she had played Sam again, she would have become one. Nevertheless, she emphasizes that she “had a lot of fun” portraying the figure of the self-confident PR manager. But now it is at least as exciting to get involved in new things.

Is Reboot Confirmed?

A possible reboot would not take place completely without a Samantha. Like “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon (54) a few days ago on the TV show Watch What Happens Life! noted, she could also imagine that Kim’s role would simply be re-cast. The Miranda actress even has an actress in mind: Sharon Stone. As per a report on Deadline, the Reboot has been confirmed by HBO and it will be released on HBO Max as a limited series, which will declare the future of the Reboot.

The ‘Sex and the City’ was created by Darren Star which had 94 episodes in 1998-2000.

Sex and the City Reboot Release Date

HBO has confirmed the Reboot of the famous show Sex and the City, But its Release Date Date has not been confirmed, So we may expect the show in 2022.

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