Cobra Kai Season 3: Netflix Release Date & Everything else

Cobra Kai Season 3 Updates: It was at the beginning of last October when Netflix added the two seasons of the Cobra Kai fiction to its catalog. The sequel to the fabulous series of films starring Mr. Miyagi (played by actor Pat Morita), among others. After its initial premiere on YouTube, joining the bandwagon of its own film/television productions will garner all kinds of praise. Something that soon got a community of fans around the world. An opportunity that Netflix would not miss. And since then, until today.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Netflix Release Date

Where we are still waiting impatiently for the premiere of the third season of Cobra Kai. Scheduled for next January 8 … or not?

Netflix has made a change of plans. But you must not get upset. All this has been due to his attention to the customs of promoting his great premieres. So much so that the Big N of the streaming service has a gift for you. The titan of video on demand brings Twelfth Night to New Year’s Eve for you: the premiere of the third season of Cobra Kai will finally take place on January 1. Kicking off the desired the year 2021 in the best way your know-how.

Friend, friend, are you ready? New goals, new challenges. New… renovations? Without further ado: this will be the third season of the Cobra Kai series, after the outcome of the previous batch of episodes.


30 years after their final showdown in 1984 at the All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence is at a bad time in his life. However, after helping Miguel, a boy who is bullied, Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. The problem is that this reignites the rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, who is now a happily married businessman, but lacking something after the death of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi (FILMAFFINITY) .

Thus was born the fiction Cobra Kai. And after two rounds, and counting, the third season will continue the story precisely at the moment where it left off: in the transitory fate of Miguel, who remains hospitalized after the brutal skirmish at the institute. To which is added Johnny Lawrence, on his way in search of redemption, and Daniel LaRusso about to leave for distant Okinawa in search of answers.

And as we well know, it will not be an easy path for any of the characters. That is why we wanted to convey tranquility in the article. The tranquility that the end is not coming, after the new ten episodes that make up the season. Netflix, after the acquisition of the rights to Cobra Kai, also renewed the fiction for a fourth season.

Cobra Kai Season 3 will continue to strengthen ties

For the rest, the third season of Cobra Kai will continue to strengthen its ties with the original Karate Kid films.

Daniel-san accompanied Mr. Miyagi to his homeland, to Okinawa, in the second installment of the saga: The Karate Kid Part II. Where the young boy learned about the past from his mentor. Beyond the little that he let us see in the first installment. And in the third season of Cobra Kai, an adult LaRusso will embark on that journey again. To learn even more about the figure of his late master, and find answers to his emptiness. Where he will meet again with Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto. That is, Kumiko and Chozen, from the second part.

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