Watchmen Season 2: Will Regina King Return With The New Season?

Watchmen Season 2 Update: American originated series ‘Watchmen’ released about one year ago. Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen limited series ended on HBO last year. Lindelof earlier said that, he does not have any plans for season 2, but after its Emmy Awards nominations, it may return with season 2.

Will the Watchmen Season 2 return?

Fans have already started questioning about the release of new season for the series. With the Emmy Awards nominations, plans may change and series can return will the season 2. Damon Lindelof earlier said that it will be “huge betrayal” to renew it for the new season.

Regina king, the lead of the series has been questioned about the new season. Fans can expect more episodes for now. Regina has answered many questioned that fans have asked but, this time the reply was little different.

Know what Regina king said

Replying to one of the fans, the star said “If Damon changed his mind? Yes.” Kind told more about the season “because I know if he did it, that means something. Something happened. In all honesty, it would be something where, Angela dies in the first episode. I don’t know.

How Damon even decided to tackle this subject matter was very risky business. Being a white man, speaking on inherited pain in the black community. I said, ‘are you really ready for this?’ then he told me the writing team he disassembled and I was like, ‘okay, you are walking into this with rose colored glasses.’

You are making an effort to understand a history that you never knew anything about, that we are all connected to. So, I know that if he did go into it, he it would be smart.

Possibility For The Watchmen Season 2

Recently during this year, Reese Witherspoon questioned king about the return of season 2. Kind said that there is still no news for the return officially, but yes there should be some renewal for the series.

She even added that if Damon Lindelof will be okay with this, then only the series will come with season 2. I don’t want to be a part of anything if it is not a collaborative situation.

Damon is such a great collaborator, and at this stage, what’s the point if we can’t feel like we are taking some bit of ownership.”

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