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Riverdale Season 5 Will Write Vanessa Morgan’s Pregnancy Into The Story

Riverdale Season 5
Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale Season 5 Update: Riverdale Actor Vanessa Morgan said in an Instagram post, that she will be shown as pregnant in the show as well. The season five will be releasing soon.

It is created by Roberto Aguirre and is a teen mystery cum drama show. The first season released in January 2017. It is based on the roles of Archie Comics.

Riverdale Season 5: Cast of the show are-

Actor KJ Apa portrays the role of Archie Andrews,

Lili Reinhart plays  Betty Cooper,

Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge,

and Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones.

Morgan plays Toni Topaz

Riverdale Season 5
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The season four of the show premiered last October and continued till May 2020. It was then stopped due to the COVID 19. The season five in January was renewed. The date of release is January 20, 2021.Toni was promoted as a series regular from the third season onward.

In the season three, Topaz makes an all-girl gang called the Pretty Poisons with Cheryl. In the season four Toni helps Kevin to win his spot back in the Variety Show.

This year, she announced her pregnancy and their were doubts about her return in season five. Then she confirmed via Instagram that she will continue with her role in the show. Finally, things are crystal clear when she revealed how the creators will show her pregnancy on screen.

In her post, she thanked her Riverdale creators as they adjusted to her situation and wrote her pregnancy into the script to make things easier for her.

She also revealed that she is now almost 9 months pregnant and she started her maternity leave. She had expressed her unlikeness over the show’s treatment of its minor roles and actors.

She said that she was paid the least however now she has probably sorted out her differences with the crew. In her post, she expressed gratitude to the showrunner. The exclusive international broadcast rights of Riverdale are with Netflix.  The show is available just like an original show.