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Brandi Glanville tells about her Kid’s bonus mother LeAnn Rime Didn’t Shade during the Masmed Singer Show

Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville: Brandi Glanville used Twitter and told them she didn’t shade LeAnn Rimes on 17th December through Twitter. She wrote in her tweet that she wasn’t shading LeAnn Rime first of all and she was happy for her to win.

She frankly said to Brandi’s kids that she had never done a show to keep the things in a secret way as they have the big moths to open it.

She did her hard work so she won and she was very happy for her to win that award. So the fans stop read it not in a bad manner.

Brandi Glanville watched the Masked Singer:

Brandi Glanville had been witnessed the Mask Singer in this season. So she watched her kid’s stepmom in that show. The stepmom Le Ann Rimes won the titles of the Mask Singer in this season on 16th December.  Brandi felt that Le Ann Rime was under the Sun costume before one month.

Brandi also wrote about it in her Twitter account about the shady prediction tweet from October. She wrote in her tweet on 7th October that she thought that the Sun is 100 percent to LeAnn Rimes, however, her kids said no because LeAnn already told them she would never participate on that show due to her beneath.

Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville

Further, Brandi wrote again that her kid’s bonus mother The Sun, LeAnn Rime, would win the title of the Mask Singer in that season. She wrote it before the finale of the show and hinted that the shade is real.

Although Brandi misspelled LeAnn’s name she didn’t care about it from the world and wrote whatever she thought about her.  Brandi and LeAnn have no secret in their history, but this time they would come in front of their fans without hesitation for the first time.

Brandi has happily lived her life with Eddie and LeAnn as a supporting parent, but their relationship is more than friendship. According to Hollywood Life that they won’t be the best friend for each other.

They had lived with different lifestyles and struggle to get along strongly. The fans thought that Brandi and LeAnn had no problems with each other as they were clicked a photo together with the kids.