Dakota Johnson gets a pre-Christmas proposal from Chris Martin with an Emerald Ring

Dakota Johnson: Chris Martin gave an emerald ring to his girlfriend after three months of dating each other. She posted a photo with this ring in her new post.

She spotted in West Hollywood during shopping with an emerald ring on her ring finger. So Dakota Johnson will get a pre-Christmas wedding proposal from her boyfriend Chris Martin.

Dakota Johnson spotted with a ring finger from her boyfriend Chris Martin:

Well, Dakota gets a pre-Christmas wedding proposal from her last three year dating boyfriend Chris Martin. She shared a photo of it with her ring finger. It is a massive goldstone with a band.

As emerald is for the people who born in May so it isn’t for Dakota’s birthstone while she was born in October. However, it isn’t a diamond ring like a traditional engagement. Hollywood Life revealed about Chris Martin and Dakota’s this moment.

Chris and Dakota maintain the privacy of their three years of relationship. The 43-year-old man and the 31-year-old actress spotted for the first time in L.A, in 2017.

Dakota Johnson

The pair had been seen with a dinner on the other side of the world at a restaurant outside Tel Aviv, Israel. The pair spotted together with a photo in a rare moment but at Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded 60th birthday party in L.A.,2018 while talking with Drew Barrymore.

According to Keaton that she met with Chris Martin at Ellen’s birthday party and she talked with him. Martin was coming with his girlfriend Dakota and they are coupled. So she tried to say that he was looking gorgeous.

Further, Chris’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow accepted Dakota as his partner. Paltrow said to Harper’s Bazaar in January 2020 said that she loved her.

She could see her might be weird because of its unconventional one. However, she thought that in some cases it has some iteratively moment. She will accept her only not accept anything from her.

Dakota and Chris are still loved each other too much and it showed during the time of the quarantine period of 2020. The couple was photographed in a PDA show while they were walking with a dog. Dakota tied up with her hand in Martin’s arm and had a smile on her face.

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