Chris Brown Joins Jack Harlow For A New Track To Sing With Your BFF: ‘Already Best Friends’

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Chris Brown: Jack Harlow, a 22-year-old rapper from Louisville Kentucky. he blew up with his viral hit,”what’s popping” and on Dec 11 he dropped his first album “That’s what they all say”.

The rapper has been on quite a run throughout the year 2020 so it only make sense that he decided to round out the year by coming through his latest album. the album has been proven big hit among his fans.

Harlow is never afraid of experimenting with his music which has come up as an effort in his album “Already best friends”. in the album it also featured Chris brown.

The album has smooth instruments and it is charged with some sexually charged lyrics. Its a great track that some up with smooth track that will excite the fans.

In the song Jack and breezy sing about how they cross the paths with two newly formed greatest associates, Breezy sing with his ordinary smoothness regardless of the difficulty of the lyrics and the fast pace song.

Chris Brown Joins ‘Already Best Friends’

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Jack Harlow was part of artistic collective non – public backyard together with members Lucci, 2fo, Shloob, and Ace professional. he has been considered in hip hop since the time he was 12.

“I used to writing little raps right here and there,and i used to be listening to the music” he said “I used to be finding out it – I simply love rap, I believed that’s what i wanna do, i wanna be rapper.” His laborious work paid off.

He continued to built up until his breakthrough, “what’s popping” finding love on tictok, and found success on the chart.” It reached on billboard on hot 100 and is currently certified triple platinum.

Thats one thing about it, but i m happy to appreciate it, Jack said. “Whats popping, that finding love in tiktok, “But there is so many other things that i am balancing, when i m writing you know, things i want out of the music, that i just haven’t thrown.

Tiktok success on the mix. You know what i mean? There’s is so many other thing i want out of music, but i mean ideally, tiktok keeps embracing because obviously it is popular.

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