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Star Wars announced the Hayden Christensen along with Lando Series and Patty Jenkins Movie Recently

Star Wars
Image Souurce: Entertainment Tonight

Star War Updates: Star War recently announced that in the upcoming years Disney+ drop ten Marvel Series and ten Star Wars Series. For the time being, namedropping is enough for Star Wars Fans.

Star War announces Patty Jenkins Movie along with Lando Series and Featuring Hayden Christensen

Star War announced the Lando Series and Patty Jenkins movie for the fans recently. Fans all around the world are so excited about it.

They also announced the return of Hayden Christensen in the upcoming series of Star Wars. The president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy was looking for launching The Mandalorian.

She said that they have some project which is under the Star Wars and many more get to come in this era for Star Wars.

Star Wars series announced for Disney+

Star Wars
Image Source: Yahoo News

There are so many series for Disney+ in the upcoming times by Star Wars. Here the list of content that was shown made for Disney+ such as Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic will make by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. It will get air on Disney+ in 2021 Christmas.

The story of the show will be an interesting one, and hope fans will show their love towards, show Kennedy added. Another show, of show, is Andor, made by Tony Gilroy and co-star Stellan Skarsgard. The show is based upon some nail-biting spy thriller.

The production and development of the show have been going on for the last two weeks. The show will come in 2022.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is another show of Show. According to Kennedy that Hayden Christensen will return as Darth Vader. The Ewan McGregor leads Obi-Wan Series, and it is based on the rematch of the century.

The Revenge of the Sith and Deborah Chow will lead the story in this show after ten years. Further, Christensen said that Anakin Skywalker was playing an incredible role in that show.

Anakin and Obi-Wan weren’t the greatest ones in the last shows. Christensen added that it would be a pleasure to work with the director, Deborah Chow.

Lando is another epic show of Star Wars. In this show, Lando Calrissian will back with a new series. The production and development of the show are at an early stage at present. The creator of Dear White People Justin Simien is busy with developing the story.