Lucy Liu, Elizabeth Banks and many more leading ladies joined in the Jane Walker First Women Campaign on Human Rights Day

Lucy Liu: Human Rights Day is celebrated all over the world on 10th December every year. This year, on Human Rights Day Lucy Liu, Elizabeth Banks and more ladies joined Jane Walker in the First Women Campaign. In that campaign, they told about the journey of women.

Lucy Liu, Elizabeth, and many more told about women stories

Lucy Liu, Elizabeth, Billie Jean, and many more joined with Jane Walker and Johnnie Walker for celebrating Human Rights Day and inspire the women for their journey.

To continue and support the journey of women in their lives and the future The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal collaborate with the ERA Coalition in 2020’s Human Right Day.

Jane Walker issued the Open letter where Lucy, Elizabeth, Jean, and many more signed for the support and out breaking moment of women’s.

Elizabeth Banks said to Hollywood that she is an actress and also a filmmaker. Elizabeth understands the importance of women.

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She added that it isn’t her only responsibility but also, a duty, so she is feeling proud to part of that with Jane Walker in the First Women Campaign. They will like to share the stories of women.

Further, Lucy Lin said that Elizabeth’s words are too heavy for it. As it can’t change within a night, it will take time. Sometimes it may take a Decade or century to break the door.

She is feeling proud as a part of this campaign. Where they talked about the women empowering and hope it will work.

The title of the letter To Future First Women describes how the women got it in these violent years. It includes first installed for women in NYC’s Central Park.

The CEO of a major U.S. banking Institute named as the First Women. The General Manager of The U.S. professional men’s baseball team appoints the First Women and lay in the state at Capitol. In the history of two hundred and forty-four years in the U.S., the office of Vice President is the First Women.

The letter also said about the second, third, and fourth women without First women. In the First women’s campaign, Jane Walker wanted to the partnership with IFund Women to help and create an opportunity for the women in their upcoming future.

The association provides 15 businesses identified with the collaboration of strong icons which will help them to achieve their goals.

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