Here’s why Jon Hamm Hopes that reboot of ‘Mad Men’ never happens

Jon Hamm: Jon Hamm actor, who played advertising manager Don Draper for seven seasons from 2007 to 2015, has held a firm stance against this world sooner or later.

Just six years after the vampire drama hit on HBO, news that a reboot of True Blood is under development seems to have come out early the same day.:

“It was so fun I saw them reload True Blood.” Wow, isn’t our show over? Speaking when Ham asked about the possibility of ET’s Nichelle Turner reappearing in Madmen Universe.

The 49-year-old actor, who marketed the new film ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, doubled the previous idea. “I’ve probably already heard it when I heard the story, so I don’t know if there’s another version somewhere, but I don’t hope so,” he said.

What Jon Hamm has to reveal?

Hamm worked in the press with Wild Mountain Thyme’s writer and director John Patrick Shanley and said he would take Shanley’s theoretical approach to Mad Men. “I must have seen Shanley’s Mad Men version. It must have been a completely different experience,” he said.

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“Mix it with True Blood,” Shanley joked.

“That’s all,” said Hamm. Vampires on Madison Avenue.

In Wild Mountain Thymes based on Shanley’s Beyond Mullings, Hamm stars Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan as Adam Kelly.

The story revolves around an Irish family of a chieftain threatening to give a farm to an American nephew rather than his son, who causes family conflict.

In the movie, Adam warns the character not to get caught up in romantic thoughts. Hamm talked about whether he is a true romantic thinker or a realistic thinker in terms of relationships.

“I want to say that I’m more interested in electronics than in the first one. There’s a reason I’m looking for a story like this.

There’s a reason specifically for finding the story that Mr. Shanley has throughout his career. It’s in the story and I think it’s almost forever. It can be 20, 50, or 2020.

There’s something cool about it and this is the message the film is trying to convey. Sometimes you get rewarded for getting caught up in these magical things that can happen, and that’s definitely what happens.

Not only the characters Emily and Jamie but also my character. Everyone gets a little happiness out of it. The story we’ve lost here when we rethink 2020. ”

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