Queer Eye Season 6: Bobby Berk revealed when can fans expect the new season?

Queer Eye Season 6 Updates: The American TV reality series ‘Queer Eye’ is in no mood to get back the season 6 anytime soon keeping the pandemic factor in mind as revealed by Bobby Berk. The show is still on a pause which started due to the global pandemic COVID 19 earlier this year. 

The series is also known as Queer Eye: More than a Makeover and is created by David Collins for Netflix. As of now, 5 seasons have been released and the first season was premiered on February 7, 2018. 

Though many entertainment projects have already resumed their work with proper safety guidelines Berk believes that producers are in no mood to resume the production for season 6 as unlike other shows which are shot inside the studios, the Queer Eye team gets out in the real-life, in stores and restaurants and salons and interaction with people in public.

Queer Eye Season 6: What Bobby Berk Revealed?

Image Source: Oprah Magazine

So, the team will only resume its work when it will be 100% safe as the producers are not interested to compromise the integrity of the show by including a pandemic spin. 

Berk stated that “Our show is not filmed on a set,” he said. “We’re out there in real life, in stores and restaurants, and salons. Interacting with people in public.” He continued saying that, “it’s impossible to keep talent, crew, and heroes safe,” he said.

“So, I’d say safety is the biggest part. But luckily, what we’ve been hearing is there’s a vaccine on the near horizon and once that’s out we can probably get back to work in a good way.” 

The show has been a global success as the audience has loved the show immensely as well the show has been an award winner.

The last season premiered on 5 June 2020 which consisted of 10 episodes. Don’t you worry as we will keep you up to date about the 6th season of Queer Eye?

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