Zonnique Pullins, 24, Shares Beyoncé-Like Maternity Pics

Zonnique Pullins: 24-year-old Zonnique Pullins gave out a new pregnancy photo session. She looked like a 39-year-old Beyoncé in her 2017 pregnancy during a photo session by Will Sterling for PERSONS shared by Zonnique on Dec.

In a series of stunning photos, Zonnique stood with her chest on a set transformed into a flower garden that could serve as the backdrop for Alice’s Tea in Wonderland, created by a luxury design company, Christopher Lauren.

The beautiful flowers in Zonnique’s photo resemble a flower wreath in this pregnancy photo taken by Avol Erizka by Beyonce in February 2017.

Zonnique Pullins Looks

Zonnique looked like a goddess wearing an extra-large purple fabric and a dress with a rhinestone-covered top to reveal the ship. She wore two prettier clothes and adorned her chest.

A royal purple dress and white lace underwear with a large ribbon on the bracket, and a delicate kimono of the same material worn by stylist Noig Jeremy. Zonnique styled her hairstyle in three styles for each image.

Down and curls and a style that slides into a cool, straight style is what stylist Jodie Rowlands does. Latasha Wright magically made Zonnique’s makeup!

Image Source: Hollywood Life

Zonnique Pullins Quotes

Zonnique used famous quotes to compose her shocking pregnancy photo session. She said that you can never understand life until you let it grow up in you. The VH1 star also added, “I can’t wait to see everything.” Her mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, proudly shared her new pregnancy photo on Instagram.

Zonnique announced her pregnancy in an interview with PEOPLE in August 2020, when she was already 5 months old. Since then, T.I. & Tiny: The Friends & Family Hustle star is excited to update her Instagram feed with baby photos.

Zonnique is going to have her first child with her boyfriend and music artist Bandhunt Izzy, but she is not ready to go down that aisle yet. She said that she doesn’t think she wants to marry at her age.

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