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Toni Braxton Hairstylist Greg Gilmore cleared the misconception of women about haircare.

Toni Braxton
Image Source: The Blast

Toni Braxton: Toni’s Braxton’s hairstylist, Greg Gilmore recently talked in an interview about the biggest mistake women make when it comes to caring for their hair. She cleared all the misconceptions and shared some useful tips to make hair look perfect.

The American singer and songwriter Toni Braxton’s hair always looks amazing whenever seen in public and the major credit for the same goes to her incredible stylist, Greg Gilmore. Greg has been an amazing hairstylist for Toni and created her soft ash blonde pixie look.

Toni Braxton Post on Instagram

The look was posted by Toni Braxton on her Instagram handle and Greg talked about the misconceptions and biggest mistakes of women when caring for their hair and also suggested some useful tips to fix the same.

Toni posted a video of her look which was created by Greg and she wrote, “Have you ordered the Spell My Name Vinyl yet?” in her caption.

Toni Braxton
Image Source: Hollywood Life

Greg revealed the biggest mistake for caring for hair, “One of the biggest mistakes is using too much heat, Sometimes, women feel that they can curl their hair every single day. Especially when they have color-treated hair they think it’s OK to use heat to make it look perfect every single day, but that is a misconception.”

Greg also added that how haircare is different for every individual, “Of course it’s different for everybody because everyone has different textures, If you have to use heat every day to maintain a certain style, you should use temperatures that are lower than 410 degrees and if you can help it try to do it every third day.”

He also talked about the different ways to keep your hair perfect for long hairs and short hairs. He revealed the best care be it for their locks or for their curls. He suggested the use of hot rollers for longer hair and the use of pin curls for shorter hair.

“You can pin curl your hair at night, put a scarf around it, and then in the morning you can take the pin curls down and it’s set for however many hours that you slept, so that’s pretty good to last you throughout the day,” he explained.

Apart from this, he also suggested the frequency of hair wash that should be once in three days as textured hair tends to be drier and so over-shampooing messes hair of some people because they dry their hair by stripping 12it of its natural oils all the time.”

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