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Katy Perry Shares about her Biggest Challenges of these Days

Katy Perry
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight


Updates on Katy Perry: 36-year-old, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known professionally as Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge.

Katy Perry shares about her biggest challenges these days. Katy Perry is now aware of the stress that a new mom faces.

The famous singer and fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child together, Daisy Dove in August. It is such a blessing to have a baby, but it is a little problematic too. New parents sacrifice their sleep for the newborn, which is one of the hardships of being a parent.

What Katy Perry has to say?

During a virtual event –“Meditate America Benefit And Concert”, Katy Perry shared her experience with Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. Katy told them how she is deprived of sleep.

She also shared that being a mom is no less than a blessing, but it is sometimes challenging too. She added “but where am I going to get those six hours that I used to get? Where did it go?”

Katy Perry
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

During her chat with Hugh and Deborra, Katy said that transcendental meditation has helped her a lot. She also mentioned that meditation has helped her to get some hours back. She said that TM has been blessing her in so many different ways, but this was indeed the time where she needed it the most.

Recently a source at ET told that Katy and Bloom are doing really great job. They are just trying to be the best parents and are doing fantastic as parents.

Katy and Bloom are fantastic parents and they consider this as their balancing act. Katy’s fiancé Bloom also thinks that Katy is an “Amazing Mom”. On the other hand, Katy praises her fiancé Bloom for being a “Super Dad”. Katy also said that she has already seen Bloom doing everything that a super dad does for her baby girl.

ET sources also state that Katy and Bloom are on the way to make time for Daisy as well as to accelerate their careers. But the two know that Daisy is their priority now.

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