Dark Desire Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What to Expect

Dark Desire Season 2 Update: is one of the dark horses of the July 2020 releases. It trended all over the world and has won the reputation of being the most-watched debut season of a show which is not in English in the history of Netflix. Now season 2 of the show has been confirmed. Read this article for more information

All the Eighteen episodes of the first season of the thrilling drama series which originates from Mexico streamed on Netflix from 15 July 2020.  Here’s what you can expect if you have yet to dive in:

The series has performed quite well around the world. But the show has performed best in Spanish speaking countries. In The United States Of America, the show was ranked in the top 10 TV series list every day since its release.

The show was the sixth most-watched show on Netflix in July 2020

Has Dark Desire been revived for season 2?

Yes, the show has been officially renewed for a second season. A few days after its release, Netflix had officially given the nod to a second season. When you see the show, you would’ve no doubt about the chances of a second season because of the cliffhanger at the end of the show’s debut season.

Dark Desire Season 2

The renewal of the show has also come with a Spanish teaser for season 2 with some of the cast members appearing.

What can we expect from Dark Desire Season 2?

In the second season, we can expect that the story would revolve around who actually killed Brenda or did she really commit suicide. Secondly, what will Dario do after surviving the factory fire and revealing his love?

Dark Desire Season 2: Cast Update

The Cast of the show comprising of Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer, Erik Hayser, Jorge Poza, Regina Pavón, and María Fernanda Yepes is expected to come back for season 2. New characters will also be seen in the show.

When will the show release on Netflix?

Dark Desire season 2 release date has yet not been confirmed by Netflix but due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions on filming, it can take some time as Mexico has been affected by the virus outbreak a lot like the other countries.

Shooting has apparently restarted in Mexico but with some restrictions. Also, Netflix has launched many funds to help those affected by the shutdown. Thus we can expect season 2 of Dark Desire to stream on Netflix by late 2021.

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